The Best Dragon Ball Anime Is Now Streaming On Crunchyroll

By Christopher Isaac | Published

If you are into anime, you are either already a fan of the Dragon Ball franchise, or you don’t know what you are missing out on. It has some of the most iconic characters to ever appear on screen, incredible transformation sequences, and epic battles that deal with the fate of the entire universe. What more could you ask for? And now the latest entry in the franchise, Dragon Ball Super, is finally available on Crunchyroll for all to enjoy!

Dragon Ball Super Takes Place Right After Dragon Ball Z

If you are familiar with the original Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z but have yet to get into Dragon Ball Super, it is a very easy continuation point. It takes place before the closing scenes of Dragon Ball Z that saw the story jump forward in time to Goku going off to train Uub. Dragon Ball Super picks up after Goku has saved the world from Majin Buu, the most dangerous threat the hero has ever faced. But Dragon Ball Super introduces something even Goku and his longtime friend/rival Vegeta have never faced: a god.

Beerus The Destroyer

Beerus the Destroyer is the catalyst for much of the action of Dragon Ball Super. The Anubis-looking character initially seeks out a challenge from Goku, wanting to test his abilities against someone strong enough to beat Buu. It pushes Goku beyond his limits so that he himself must harness the power of a god to even stand a chance.

And yet, during this incredible clash of powers, Goku and Beerus develop a respect for one another. Beerus initially wished to destroy the Earth, but winds up changing his mind to instead train both Goku and Vegeta as his pupils.

Some Of The Best Dragon Ball Story Arcs

From there, the story of Dragon Ball Super spans even beyond the universe that Goku has come to know, delving into other universes with their own gods, their own heroes, and their own villains. The series sees the return of the tyrant Frieza, introduces a villain who looks identical to Goku in every way except is pure evil, and finally pits the fate of all the universes against each other in what is known as the Tournament of Power. The story arcs of the show are up there as some of the best that the franchise has to offer.

Dub Voice Cast Is Just As Good

While purists might be disappointed if you don’t watch Dragon Ball Super with the subtitles, the English dub voice cast is just too great not to appreciate. Almost everyone from Dragon Ball Z returns to reprise their roles. Sean Schemmel as Goku, Christopher Sabat as Vegeta and Piccolo, and even more minor characters like Chris Rager as the braggadocios Hercule are all back.

Stream Dragon Ball Super On Crunchyroll

Fans had their criticisms of Dragon Ball Super early on, but once the anime found its footing and audiences got used to the lighter tone, people really grew to love it. Many appreciated the inclusion of characters and lore that had not been utilized much since the early days of Dragon Ball Z.

The new characters were intriguing, the new forms the characters achieved were thrilling, and the battles were as good as the franchise is always known for. If you have not checked out the latest series in the Dragon Ball franchise, wait no longer. With the dub finally available on Crunchyroll, now is a perfect time to see what all the fuss over Dragon Ball Super is about.