New Dragon Ball Anime Announced Featuring Young Goku

By Douglas Helm | Updated

Dragon Ball is back in the form of a new anime series titled Dragon Ball: Daima. The anime was announced at New York Comic-Con and seems like it will be a return back to the franchise’s roots. Alongside the announcement came a brand new trailer, which showcased an aged-down version of the entire cast.

The new series Dragon Ball: Daima will feature younger versions of the franchise heroes.

Dragon Ball: Daima seems to be taking cues from the GT series, which saw a de-aged version of Goku. However, this version sees aged-down versions of the entire main cast, so it seems like it will make a bit more of an impact for the characters than GT.

When is Toei Animation going to bring fans a continuation of the Super anime?

The new anime’s trailer also highlighted the 40th anniversary of the franchise and included a 2024 release date, so it appears this will be the big Dragon Ball project we get in 2024.

The animation of the Dragon Ball: Daima trailer is undoubtedly impressive, and many fans are probably looking forward to a return to the style of the early days of the franchise, but it does leave one question lingering: When is Toei Animation going to bring fans a continuation of the Super anime?

That series left off with the culmination of the Tournament of Power Arc, which saw Goku access his most powerful transformation yet in the form of Ultra Instinct.

There are still two big arcs of the Dragon Ball manga that have yet to be adapted and that take place in the timeline after the Tournament of Power arc. At this point, it’s unclear where Daima takes place in the overall franchise timeline, but that will likely be announced sometime in the near future before Daima is released in 2024.

The most recent entry to the franchise was the recent 2023 film Dragon Ball: Super Hero

Of course, the fact that Toei is still actively making new movies and series makes it seem like a follow-up to Super is a strong possibility in the near future.

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Dragon Ball: Daima

Reportedly, Dragon Ball: Daima will take place sometime before the end of Dragon Ball Z in the timeline, so it’s unclear if it will be making GT canon. At this time, GT is not considered a canon part of the franchise timeline, but it would be interesting if Daima takes aspects of GT or outright makes some of the events of that series canon. However, unlike the sometimes divisive GT, series creator Akira Toriyama is said to be heavily involved in the production process of Daima.

The most recent entry to the franchise was the recent 2023 film Dragon Ball: Super Hero, which primarily focused on Piccolo and Gohan as they take on some powerful androids. The film saw a stylistic departure in animation from the previous films and shows in the franchise, but the film was generally well-received by fans.

It seems like Daima will be a return to form to Super‘s animation style and will once again primarily focus on Goku and Vegeta.

For now, fans are likely just happy to see that another Dragon Ball series is on the way. There’s no official release date for Daima yet, but you can expect to see it sometime in 2024. We’ll keep you updated on all things anime in the meantime.