Ben Affleck Teaming With Iconic Director For Hitchcock-Style Thriller

Ben Affleck's upcoming movie has its director very excited.

By Annie Banks | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Direct Robert Rodriguez is no stranger to keeping himself busy between We Can Be Heroes, The Book of Boba Fett, and Billie Eilish’s concert documentary, Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter To Los Angeles. Most recently, Rodriguez lauded his upcoming thriller Hypnotic as a “Hitchcock thriller on steroids.” Ben Affleck has been cast to play a detective in the thriller. His character has been caught in the tangles of a secret government program while searching for his missing daughter.

Rodriguez has been vocal about his excitement when it comes to working on the film with Ben Affleck. The story will also use the talents of writer Max Borenstein (Godzilla vs. Kong) to work on the production. Hypnotic was hit by COVID-19 delays and will resume the production process in six weeks.

There’s much pride take in the quality of the film. Rodriguez is especially ecstatic to share the film’s trailer with the world, once it’s completed filming. He praises his work for being exciting and energetic, claiming it as one of his favorite stories that he’s written. Rodriguez began writing Hypnotic back in 2002 which makes this particular film one of the longest pieces of his work that he’s been wanting to create. The Ben Affleck starrer is independently produced and relies on insurances policies, unlike tentpole industry names such as Warner Bros. or Disney.

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Hypnotic has secured Ben Affleck as its lead, who has been stirring up plenty of excitement around his return to DC Films and Warner Bros. It was announced that Affleck would don the cowl one more time as he plans to star in The Flash as Bruce “Batman” Wayne. The extent of how involved his version of Batman will be is unknown yet as he will coincide with DC alumn Michael Keaton, who will take up the same role from a different era. Ben Affleck was originally intended to helm The Batman in 2022, though the role was turned over to Robert Pattison after Affleck decided against continuing on as the Dark Knight. The Flash is expected to mark the end of Affleck’s time as Batman.

Ben Affleck was announced as the lead for the Robert Rodriguez film, Hypnotic, in 2019 and the plot has been kept under wraps since news around development first broke. Affleck will share the screen with Alice Braga, and it’s said that the film will unravel conspiracies and high-end crime as the plot unfolds even more. The casting process has still been in motion as the production prepares to start up again and Rodriguez anticipates moving forward with filmmaking. The writer-directed admitted that it was a challenge to start casting due to the heightening of the delta variant. The delta variant has emerged as a global concern as the COVID-19 virus poses an even bigger public health threat due to its enigmatic nature.

There has been no official release date assigned to Ben Affleck’s Hypnotic yet as it is still waiting to piece key elements together. A 2022 release date may not remain to be in the cards, but the uncertainty of when Rodriguez’s thriller will arrive on the big screen hasn’t deterred him as he’s refusing to slow down. No matter when it hits theaters, it’s sure to have high expectations coming along with it.