Arrowverse Crossover Events Are Not Possible Anymore

The Arrowverse looks like it could be winding down.

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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The Season 7 finale of The Flash, though action-packed and full of twists, offered a happy ending for the fastest man alive, in which Barry asks Iris to renew their vows, fixing the Arrowverse crossover mistake from Season 4.  And while it concluded a single chapter in the television series’ narrative, it also paved the way for fans’ speculation on what exactly awaits us in the upcoming Season 8 and what to expect from the annual Arrowverse crossover episode.

Writer, executive producer, and showrunner of the Arrowverse series, Eric Wallace, spoke to Deadline regarding the Season 7 finale, breaking down its key events and potentially revealing what comes next for The Flash. The EP spoke of key features of the series, including the Season 7 finale, the upcoming Season 8, the fate of Reverse-Flash, stating that this year’s crossover events aren’t likely to occur due to Covid restrictions. However, the creative team behind The Flash is preparing a special event to replace the Arrowverse crossover.

Wallace starts by explaining how the final episode took a whole year of planning, given that the decision to clash Impulse with Godspeed set the tone of the entire season. He and the rest of the writing staff wanted to give the fandom a close-ended feel instead of a suspenseful cliffhanger that builds anticipation towards the upcoming season. Per his own admittance, the happy ending of the Season 7 finale was purposefully made to feel like a series finale, even though it’s not, as a “thank you” note to the fandom for remaining faithful to the Arrowverse series.

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The upcoming Season 8 of the series will turn Grant Gustin into The Flash from the comic books – a confident, powerful, and secure team leader. This can take a toll on Barry and Iris’s relationship, which is currently in a great place, but that still remains to be seen. The couple just got married in the concluding episode of Season 7, rectifying the final scene of 2017’s Arrowverse crossover in which Felicity and Oliver from Arrow took Barry and Iris’ spotlight. Of course, the upcoming season might see the return of Godspeed and the introduction of another Arrowverse villain to the series. It’s worth noting that Grant Gustin’s contract ends with Season 8, but the latest rumors suggest that the actor is willingly leaving the series over conflicting interests between him and the CW.

When asked about the disappearance of the Reverse-Flash, the EP stated that Reverse-Flash is a person that keeps his promises, indicating the character’s return. However, the same can’t be said for this year’s Arrowverse crossover, which is canceled because of Covid protocols that are still in place, which severely limits the production. Still, The Flash will feature a temporary replacement event in five parts, which will kick off Season 8 of the series, exploring new romances, introducing new villains, and welcoming unexpected guest stars. The filming for Season 8 will begin mid-August and will hopefully wrap production in March 2022, so no official release dates are not known at this time.