See Amy Smart Escape A Massive Tornado In the 13 Minutes Trailer

Check out the trailer for 13 Minutes which has Amy Smart running for her life to avoid a massive twister coming touching down in town

By Kristi Eckert | Published

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The upcoming disaster thriller 13 Minutes (2021), which will mark the directorial debut for its director Lindsey Gossling, begins in an unassuming town located somewhere in the depths of Heartland, USA on a seemingly normal day. But things quickly turn deadly when a massive tornado gives the residents of the small suburb a window of only 13 minutes to survive its deadly ravages. The latest trailer for the movie shows the film’s lead Amy Smart going head to head with the natural behemoth in an adrenaline-inducing clip that leaves one holding their breath. 

Disaster movies are, at their core, brilliant conduits through which to highlight the sheer power of human interpersonal connection and a person’s capacity for which to draw on their own power. It’s a fantastic connection in which humans ultimately find the strength to survive. The trailer does a great job at bringing forth that innate human element and foreshadowing the exceptional odds Kim (Amy Smart), Jess (Thora Birch), Tammy (Anne Heche), Ana ( Paz Vega), and others will have to overcome in order to live through a record-breaking natural disaster. Check out the full trailer below. 

Collider has compared 13 Minutes to the likes of Twister (1996), but on an even greater and more effective scale. They noted that Gossling expertly captured the dismal approach of the gravest and most fatal of storms, pointing at that modern technology and visual effects certainly served as a valuable asset in the accurate depiction of the director’s overall vision. Additionally, judging by Gossling’s largely female-led cast, the director has done a great job of emphasizing the inner strength elicited from Amy Smart’s character, as well as the other female leads. 13 Minutes will release in theaters beginning on October 29, 2021, to be followed up by an On-Demand digital home release on November 19, 2021. 

13 Minutes is clearly led and supported by an impressively versatile cast. In particular, Amy Smart has seen a long career of high-profile projects, including classics like The Butterfly Effect (2004) and Starsky & Hutch (2004), as well as earlier projects like the 90s drama Varsity Blues (1999). As a result of her career, Amy Smart has even publicly come under fire for her family’s harassment allegations. However, public viability is, unfortunately, a symptom of her profession and it is clear that the actress has not let the negativity of the press affect the perpetuation of her endeavors. 

In fact, in addition to 13 Minutes, Amy Smart has recently found success with the CW show StarGirl (2020). The Arrowverse show is currently gearing up for a much-anticipated second season. According to Amy Smart’s IMDb, the actress has also been busy taking part in other projects. She just wrapped up production on the upcoming drama Tyson’s Run (2022), which is about a boy with autism’s quest to win a marathon. Presently, Smart is filming Rally Caps which will detail the true story of a young baseball player who endures a life-altering injury. A release date for Rally Caps has yet to be determined.