Amy Adams Monster Horror Reveals First Look At Nightbitch

By Christopher Isaac | Published

With how wild many horror movies can be, it can honestly be a challenge to encounter a new one that actually has an original premise. Many of them still rely on the classics like a zombie apocalypse, an escaped serial killer, or something else most people have seen dozens of times.

So fans are already feeling amazed and intrigued by the plot of the new Amy Adams horror movie Nightbitch, a story about a stay-at-home mom who also happens to transform into a dog.

Nightbitch Is A Real Movie

The synopsis for the movie has been making the rounds online lately, and many are incredulous that it is actually a real movie coming out. That certainly does speak to the movie’s originality. What people also might not realize is that before it got turned into a project for Amy Adams (that she is also producing) Nightbitch was originally a novel that came out in 2021.

Based On The Best-Selling Novel

Director Marielle Heller shared what made her want to take on the adaptation, saying, “Rachel Yoder’s book took my breath away. I haven’t felt this way about [a] book since I read The Diary of a Teenage Girl many years ago.” If the Amy Adams movie is anything like the book of Nightbitch, it should be a critical crowd-pleaser as well, with the novel getting favorable reviews from critics.

Amy Adams Is Also A Producer

Beyond the humorous premise, the story is a commentary on the experience of motherhood. Clearly, Amy Adams must have felt passionate about Nightbitch since she had elected to produce it. Elaborating further on the story’s significance to her, Heller said, “Rachel’s darkly hilarious tale of motherhood and rage made me feel seen.”

She shared that this project was not made on a whim but has actually been brewing since around when Covid started. “Adapting it with Amy Adams in mind has been the thing that has kept me going through the pandemic. I am so thrilled to be bringing this movie to life with wonderful partners in Anne Carey, Annapurna Pictures, and Searchlight. It is a dream come true.”

An Outlandish Satire

Sometimes, the most poignant messages can be delivered through outlandish satire, so Nightbitch could very well leave viewers with some food for thought. If nothing else, its unusual plot will make it stand out and likely gain a lot of attention, which has helped other movies with bizarre plots such as Cocaine Bear or The Human Centipede.

For fans who haven’t seen Amy Adams since she played Lois Lane in the DC movies, Nightbitch sounds like it will be quite a departure from what many are used to seeing her in.

Nightbitch Arrives In Time For Christmas

It sounds like Nightbitch also will not be pulling any punches in terms of how dark it may get, as it will be rated R. However, looking past the horror aspect of the story, critics of the book commonly said such things as it was an engrossing fable about the struggles of modern-day motherhood.

Publications like Esquire called the debut novel from Yoder the best book of the year. So it sounds like Amy Adams has some high expectations to live up to her starring role in Nightbitch.

Rachel Yoder also wrote the screenplay for the film adaptation, so presumably, that means this will be a very faithful retelling that the author approves of. It sounds like quite a talented cast and crew has been put together for this when looking beyond the unusual premise.  A product of Searchlight Pictures and starring Amy Adams, Nightbitch will arrive in theaters on December 6, 2024.