Alleged Baby Reindeer Netflix Stalker Revealed To Have Sent Hundreds Of Emails To Political Leader

By Britta DeVore | Published

So much for keeping a low profile. Despite cries from series creator and star Richard Gadd, the world can’t help but obsess over his real-life stalker from Netflix’s latest gargantuan hit series, Baby Reindeer. Things keep piling on for Fiona Harvey, the woman suspected of being the inspiration behind the show’s character Martha, as, after appearing for an interview with Piers Morgan, new details have surfaced that allege the woman sent U.K.’s Labour Party leader, Keir Starmer, a whopping 276 emails in under eight months.

Similar Words Used To Both Baby Reindeer And Public Interviews

If the emails are the real deal, they have all the markings of the Baby Reindeer stalker on them as they allegedly insult Starmer by calling him a “stupid little boy” and a “useless barrister.” The first slight will certainly sound familiar to those who tuned in for Harvey’s interview on Piers Morgan Uncensored, where she similarly referred to Richard Gadd. There was also the sign-off at the bottom that reads, “Sent from my iPhone,” which harkens back to how the show’s Martha would stamp the end of each of her hundreds of messages to Gadd.

Local Politician Inundated With Messages

It would seem as though Starmer became the target of Harvey’s eyes (if the alleged emails are real) because of the Londoner’s clash with Camden Council over housing discrepancies. And Starmer wasn’t the only one to allegedly feel the wrath as, just as audiences saw in Baby Reindeer, the upset stalker also went after the politician’s wife, Victoria, and also spoke negatively about deceased members of the family. Oh – and there are plenty of misspellings throughout each of the messages.

Baby Reindeer Is Another Netflix Hit

Since dropping on Netflix now just a little over one month ago, Baby Reindeer has proven to be an impossible-to-put-down binge for the platform’s subscribers. In it, viewers are introduced to Richard Gadd’s Donny Dunn, an aspiring comedian whose life completely changes through a random act of kindness. Working as a bartender, Donny admits to feeling sorry for a woman we come to know as Martha (Jessica Gunning), and from that point on, his life descends into chaos.

A Naunced And Captivating Story

Throughout Baby Reindeer, Martha relentlessly stalks Donny and through it ruins relationships and uncovers parts of Donny’s life that he never wanted to face again. The dynamic between the leading pair is, in some ways, driven by both Martha and Donny, making the series incredibly nuanced. As he comes face-to-face with his past trauma, struggles with his comedy career, and tries to rid himself of Martha, Donny changes right before our eyes, creating one of the most captivating titles to come from Netflix in recent years.

Alleged Stalker Plans To Sue

As fans would come to find out, Baby Reindeer is based on a real-life stalking situation that happened to Richard Gadd in which he received well over 41,000 emails, 744 tweets, 100 pages of letters, and 350 hours of voicemails from his stalker. Unhappy with how the show portrayed the alleged version of her, Fiona Harvey has not only slammed Netflix and Gadd but also claims that she plans to take up criminal charges against both the streamer and creative. You can see what all the hype is about as all seven episodes of Baby Reindeer are now streaming

Source: The Sun