Adam Sandler Spaceman Reviews Are Not What We Expected

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

  • Adam Sandler’s Spaceman is receiving excellent reviews
  • Spaceman is certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes
  • Critics are praising Adam Sandler’s performance in Spaceman

Once upon a time, Adam Sandler was known primarily for hilarious comedies like Happy Gilmore, and he occasionally shows off his his more serious acting skills with movies like Punch Drunk Love and Uncut Gems.

These days, however, the actor is mostly known for starring in forgettable schlock (Hubie Halloween, anyone?), and he has made it super clear his primary focus with such films is getting to hang out with friends and essentially getting a paid vacation.

That’s why we were pleasantly surprised at the reviews for Adam Sandler’s Spaceman: as of this writing, the film is “certified fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes.

Adam Sandler In Spaceman

What is his latest cinematic outing all about? The film has Adam Sandler boldly go where he has never gone before as an astronaut and researcher who is half a year into a solo mission far away from Earth.

In Spaceman, he begins to realize his marriage is in trouble and he may be too far away to fix it. That is, unless the seemingly immortal creature he finds lurking inside his ship can help him figure out where the relationship went south and what he can do to fix it.

Not A Typical Adam Sandler Movie?

From the description, it sounded like the latest Adam Sandler film might have been the worst of both worlds. Spaceman is a serious drama, but it has the kind of crazy premise (what with the immortal alien and all) that would be right at home in one of the actor’s quirkier comedies such as Little Nicky.

Given the vast majority of the actor’s recent cinematic output, we thought this would be the kind of movie we’d rather be shot out into space than willingly watch. After hearing what the reviews have to say, however, we’re getting ready to pre-order our tickets.

A Story Of Redemption And Human Experience

What are the critics saying about Adam Sandler’s cinematic journey into the far reaches of space and the inner reaches of his heart?

In her review, Linda Marric says that “Spaceman is a story about redemption, connection, and the human experience.” Furthermore, it is a cosmic epic that resonates on a deeply personal level, weaving together themes of love, loss, and the passage of time.”

Deep Praise For Adam Sandler

adam sandler

The reviews also offer deep praise for Adam Sandler himself. In her review, Tessa Smith praises the movie for how it “unabashedly explores the effects of loneliness” and how “Sandler delivers one of his best performances ever.”

When you consider how impossibly good the actor has been in movies like Uncut Gems, it’s easy to realize what high praise this really is.

A very common element in the reviews of Adam Sandler’s latest cinematic endeavor is how Spaceman manages to use the absurdity of its premise to tell a story that is profoundly human and relatable.

Savina Petkova lauds the movie because it “allows its actors to convey the irresolvable conflict of separation in their own individual ways.” Leila Latif, meanwhile, observes how the film “offers up deep truths, terrific performances, and an alien gob that truly transfixes.”

More Than A Space Oddity

adam sandler

As for Robert Daniels, he hopes the surprising quality of this film is no space oddity and that we get more of Adam Sandler taking big swings like this.

As he says, “I just love Sandler in this register.” Alluding to the actor’s growing list of serious (and seriously memorable) films, he notes that “it’s no longer a surprise when [Sandler] pulls a well-defined and memorable dramatic performance.”

We have to agree, and we can only hope that the talented actor continues to plumb the depths of his deep dramatic talents as he does in Spaceman.

Adam Sandler In Spaceman On Netflix

adam sandler

If you want to find out whether the critics praising Adam Sandler are right or if everyone is suffering a bout of space madness, you can catch Spaceman in a limited theatrical release starting today.

While this film is worth seeing on the big screen, don’t fret if none of your local cinemas are showing it: Spaceman will begin streaming on Netflix on March 1, 2024. Finally, something decent to watch on Netflix other than a binge-worthy TV show that gets canceled right when it’s at its best (pouring another one out for GLOW as we speak).