Home Improvement’s Zachery Ty Bryan Charged With 2 Felonies

Zachery Ty Bryan has been arrested and the charges are quite frightening.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Zachery Ty Bryan had an excellent nice run as Brad Taylor on ABC’s Home Improvement through the better part of the 1990s. Playing the oldest brother in Tim “The Toolman” Taylor’s brood, Ty Bryan shared some of the teen heartthrob moment that came with him being the brooding teenager we saw in the show. But his run as a celebrity took a rough turn recently when he was charged with multiple felonies in an alleged attack on his girlfriend. 

The allegations and arrest report for Zachery Ty Bryan paints a pretty disturbing picture. According to the victim and to police reports from the incident, Ty Bryan is charged with multiple felonies along with six misdemeanors in an incident occurring on October 16. 2020. The victim, his girlfriend, alleges he brutally beat and choked her after pulling her out of bed. The incident allegedly began when he became enraged over missing cell phone chargers. Neighbors in Ty Bryan’s apartment building called the police and when they arrived his girlfriend appeared bloody. The victim also appears to have put in a 911 call of her own when the attack was occurring. 

After appearing on 203 episodes,  Home Improvement went off the air in 1999,  and Zachery Ty Bryan has been mostly out of the television and film game over the last decade. He’s failed to capitalize on much of the fame and success he found on that show.  His last credited roles we mostly bit parts and one-offs on shows like Shark, Cold CaseVeronica Mars, and Burn Notice. He also had a random movie here and there. None of these roles ever added up to much. And even that work appears to have dried up with the last credited role coming back in 2009 playing himself in Thor: Hammer of the Gods. 

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Zachery Ty Bryan and the Home Improvement Cast

It’s unclear if Zachery Ty Bryan’s exit from the Hollywood “limelight” was/is due to his own star fading or by his own volition much like his child co-star Jonathan Taylor Thomas. The latter took a break from Home Improvement for personal and life reasons, though ultimately did return to the screen. JTT was even back on the scene, working in production and on-screen on TV dad Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing. Zachery Ty Bryan doesn’t appear to have gotten the same call. 

The 39-year-old (we’ll now call “ex”) actor is out on $8,500 bail in Eugene, Oregon where he currently resides. When he appeared in court on Friday he was officially charged by prosecutors with court dates coming in November where Zachery Ty Bryan will have to enter a plea. The counts of felony strangulation and coercion can include jail time in Oregon. The former can even go up to five years in the clink if found guilty. Coercion doesn’t carry as heavy a sentence but up to a year for that count is possible. Both come with considerable fines as well. 

The cautionary tales of childhood fame and success are almost too many to name at this point. Unfortunately, Zachery Ty Bryan’s name may soon be added to the list of child and teen stars grappling with major issues later in life. More details are sure to emerge around the scheduled court dates.