See Sofia Vergara In A Low-Cut Yellow Dress With A Bag Full Of Money

Check out the latest post from Sofia Vergara who posted pics from her birthday while wearing a yellow dress and posing in front of money

By David Harrison | Published

sofia vergara

Sofia Vergara might be done with Modern Family, but there is new work on the horizon for the talented actress. And while we wait for her next big role, Vergara has given fans plenty on social media with an incredibly active Instagram account. There are plenty of postings for her huge following which highlight some of the hijinks of her life and her fashion sense as well. Recently, she posted a number of different shots that were from the actress’s birthday, her 50th. And while looking at Sofia Vergara you might struggle to comprehend how she’s been on this Earth for five decades, it would appear she is definitely making the best of it.

While there were a number of Instagram posts from Sofia Vergara having to do with her 50th birthday celebration, one clearly stands out from the rest and it was the latest one to go up on her feed. It’s of Vergara standing in a low-cut yellow dress in front of a big bag of money. Now, she’ll clearly doesn’t need it considering Sofia Vergara has an estimated net worth of around $180 million dollars. But it signals what was kind of happening here with the birthday party in general. Check out the latest Instagram post from Sofia Vergara and see if this is how you celebrate your birthday.

Other posts from Sofia Vergara and her birthday celebration included an after party picture of the actress feeding her two dogs, a family shot of the whole group together, some dancing, and much more. It certainly seems like a day to remember and considering the massive social media following for Vergara, a day others will “remember” too even if they weren’t there. Sofia Vergara currently has a little north of 26 million followers on the social media platform with a high amount of engagement. Heck, just consider the 4th of July post that saw her trying to mount an Inflatabull in her pool (and failing miserably). That one had more than 5.4 million views in the week since it went up on Instagram.

Sofia Vergara ended her 11 seasons on the award-winning Modern Family as Gloria Maria Ramirez Delgado Pritchett. During her run as the character, Vergara was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series four times. She never took home the award though. That being said, it was one of the longest and most successful sitcom runs we’ve ever seen and the ensemble cast had more than their share of moments.

For her next role, Sofia Vergara is going to do something a bit different. She’s set to star in Griselda as Griselda Blanco Restrepo, an infamous Miami drug kingpin for the Medellin cartel who operated in Miami for more than two decades. Nicknamed “the Black Widow” for her ruthless nature, Griselda Blanco was eventually arrested by the DEA and then murdered years later. The series is coming to Netflix at some point after having begun filming earlier in the year.