Russell Crowe Saves His Namesake In An Unusual Way

Thor Love and Thunder star Russell Crowe donated to help pay for surgery needed to save a bird that is also named Russell.

By Mark McKee | Updated

russell crowe

Russell Crowe has made a name for himself as one of the most prolific actors in the last three decades, going up against other heavy hitters like Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, and Joaquin Phoenix. He has been a mainstay in Hollywood on and off the screen, and the New Zealand-born actor has decided to move from the big cinematic screen into the field of philanthropy, but only in ways that are connected to him. According to the U.S. Sun, the Thor: Love and Thunder actor donated £500 to save a bird, but not just any bird; a bird named Russell. 

Kickstarters, GoFundMe, and other fundraising sites have become an excellent way for people to ask the masses to help them fund needed operations or financial goals. Helen Motteram, a Gloucestershire-based bird owner, woke up around Christmas time to discover that Russell Crowe had donated £500 to get her bird, also named Russell, an eye surgery it needed. Russell, the bird, needs the operation to remove his eye to prolong his life, and Russell, the actor, responded to a post about the story, calling Helen a lovely lady for looking after the blighter. 

Helen wrote about the experience on her Facebook page, writing that a Christmas miracle had taken place, saying she couldn’t believe what had happened. She then said she was praying for another Christmas miracle when the bird went under the knife. The bird owner set out with a goal of £1500, but with Russell Crowe’s donation, she blew past the goal and is now donating the excess to other birds who need medical attention. 

robin hood
Russell Crowe in Robin Hood

The actor is one of the most famous action heroes of the past few decades thanks to his performance in the Academy Award Best Picture winner, Gladiator. Crowe starred as the main protagonist, a man betrayed by the son of a slain emperor vowing to get revenge on the most untouchable man in the Roman Empire. The film, and his performance, shot him to stardom as one of the biggest movie stars at the turn of the century. 

He also appeared in other action-thrillers like L.A. Confidential alongside Guy Pierce, Kevin Spacey, and Danny DeVito; American Gangster3:10 to Yuma, and Robin Hood. Russell Crowe isn’t only known for his successes, however, as he has also been an integral part of some of the worst-received films in the last decade or so, with Noah alongside Emma Watson, and The Mummy alongside Tom Cruise. He also had one of the more laughable performances in the musical Les Miserable, his musical talents failing to hold up next to Anne Hathaway’s and Hugh Jackman‘s. 

One thing is for certain; whether he is succeeding with fans and critics in something like The Nice Guys, or part of a film that isn’t received well like Thor: Love and Thunder, he has proven that he has a big heart. If you have an animal needing medical attention, change his name to Russell, and you may catch his attention. Or other celebrities may start doing the same thing.