Mariah Carey Officially Dethroned As Queen Of Christmas

Mariah Carey's application to trademark "Queen of Christmas" has been rejected by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

By Matthew Creith | Published

As Halloween and spooky season have come and gone, many people are skipping right past Thanksgiving and starting to decorate their homes for Christmas and the holiday season. But when most people think about Christmas, one singer’s name often comes to mind: Mariah Carey. The artful pop sensation has brought joy to fans across the globe during the holidays, but according to Yahoo! Entertainment, Carey has been dethroned as the Queen of Christmas since the US Patent and Trademark Office has officially rejected her request to trademark the title.

Mariah Carey has become an internationally recognized part of the Christmas holiday, largely due to her single “All I Want For Christmas,” which debuted in 1994 on her holiday album entitled Merry Christmas. In an attempt to capitalize on her fame during the wintery months, Carey filed an application to trademark “Queen of Christmas” as well as “Prince Christmas” and “CCC,” all of which were rejected this week. The rejection comes as another singer, Elizabeth Chan, filed a legal challenge earlier this summer to stop Carey’s trademark process as she was actually entrusted with the title of “Queen of Christmas” from The New Yorker back in 2018.

While some of Mariah Carey’s fans may be confused as to who Elizabeth Chan is and why she is stopping Carey from living out her holiday-inspired dreams, Chan’s career has been on the rise for quite some time. She was dubbed the “Queen of Christmas” by The New Yorker for a reason as Chan appears to be the only recording artist who dedicates her time and artistry to full-time recordings of Christmas songs. While not as popular as Carey, Chan has developed a social media following and she titles herself on Instagram as the CEO of Merry Bright Music, as well as “Queen of Christmas.”

But for many fans of Mariah Carey’s music and “All I Want For Christmas” featured prominently in the 2003 holiday classic Love Actually, Carey tends to dominate the Christmas season from November to December 25. To date, the song has sold more than 10 million copies in the United States alone and is currently the best-selling Christmas song in history. “All I Want For Christmas” has helped to remake Mariah Carey’s image over the nearly three decades since it first debuted, netting the singer a healthy $60 million profit by 2021.

Since Mariah Carey’s voice can be heard blasting on radios all across the country on a seemingly endless loop during the Christmas season, it should be pointed out that Carey has probably earned the title of “Queen of Christmas” regardless of other singers’ objections. Outside of her hit holiday single, 53year-old Carey has been known for her personal life, having been married to Tommy Mottola and Nick Cannon. She has been the recipient of many accolades over the course of her long career, including five Grammy Awards and a staggering eight Guinness World Records, including her single “All I Want For Christmas” becoming certified Diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America.