Raquel Welch Cause Of Death Revealed

Hollywood actress Raquel Welch died from a heart attack and she also reportedly suffered from Alzheimer’s.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

When you imagine Hollywood sex symbols, who are you thinking of? It’s easy to name modern stars such as Brie Larson or Margot Robbie, but these are stars who stand on the shoulders of the original sex icon of the screen, Raquel Welch. Sadly, Welch passed away two months ago, and Firstpost now reports that the cause of her death was a heart attack and that she was suffering from Alzheimer’s.

On the face of it, Raquel Welch dying of a heart attack at the age of 82 may not seem very surprising, but this report actually contradicts what her family previously said about the circumstances of her death. Before, all they would say is that she was struggling with a “brief illness” before succumbing to it and dying. Obviously, the vague nature of this claim left many fans wondering what the illness was, and we now know it was a sudden heart attack rather than something such as COVID.

The entire world mourned when Raquel Welch passed away, and for good reason: while she became a prominent Hollywood celebrity back in the 60s thanks to films such as One Million Years B.C., she kept appearing in high-profile roles over the decades that kept winning her new fans. From winning a Golden Globe for The Three Musketeers to starring alongside Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde, Welch always managed to light up the silver screen.

Raquel Welch

And while you might think that stars like Raquel Welch generally have it easy, she had some harrowing stories that made some of the sets she worked on sound more like the dangerous world of shows like The Walking Dead. For example, she wore a barely-there deerskin bikini for One Million Years B.C. that made her look smoking hot, but it gave her no real protection when she was filming scenes outside during the winter. She claimed that this resulted in her having to take so much penicillin that she nearly died and that, at one point, she barely made it to a doctor before he could administer a life-saving antidote.

Based on that story, we know that Raquel Welch is willing to put in the work and even put her life on the line in order to impress audiences. Back in her prime, everyone mostly focused on her sex appeal because, quite frankly, that was one hell of a bikini. But nobody knew that behind the scenes, she was willing to put her life and health at risk for the sake of films in a way that would likely make Tom Cruise proud.

Even though she died two months ago, Raquel Welch’s fans are still mourning because this actor was nothing less than Hollywood royalty. We didn’t just lose an actor: we lost a lifetime of amazing talent and the chance to learn more of what she had to teach us. But thanks to the magic of film, she will live on forever in both the hearts and minds of her biggest fans as well as all of the creators and actors she worked with who will keep her memory alive.