Neve Campbell: Scream 5 Is Happening, Find Out If She’s In

You may not know actress Neve Campbell’s Party of Five character by name, but you are sure to know her Scream character’s name.

By Rick Gonzales | Updated

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Neve Campbell

You may not know actress Neve Campbell’s Party of Five character by name, but you are sure to know her Scream character’s name. Campbell made her Scream debut during her Party of Five run and it was a debut that, so far, has lasted through three sequels, with a recently announced fourth on the way.

But those two entities are not the only thing Neve Campbell has starred in. She has made herself a name on both the big and small screens and continues to add to that trend as we hit the 2020’s where the question now is: Will she show up in Scream 5?


Neve Campbell’s career kicked off in ’91 with an uncredited role in in the TV show My Secret Identity. The next two years were minimal in terms of acting roles though Campbell did find herself on the series Catwalk, which could have helped her when her big year of 1994 rolled around.

Neve Campbell
Neve Campbell on My Secret Identity

’94 was big for Neve Campbell. She was seen in the TV movies I Know My Son Is Alive and The Forget-Me-Not Murders. She was in the feature Paint Cans. She was also seen on the TV series’ Are You Afraid of the Dark, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, and Tales of the Wild. She was a busy young lady. But her big break came during that same year when she was called to the set of Party of Five.


Party of 5

As her career was beginning to take off in 1994, Neve Campbell went to Los Angeles so she could find herself a talent manager and while in LA, she also auditioned for quite a few parts. One of her auditions was for the new series Party of Five. She nailed it and was cast as Julia Salinger, one of five siblings who lose their parents to a car crash.

The series starred, along with Neve Campbell, Matthew Fox, Scott Wolf, and Lacey Chabert as the siblings and followed them along as they tried to adjust to life without their parents. It was series that not only gave life to the careers of Campbell, Fox, Wolf and Chabert, but also to the likes of Scott Grimes and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

The series ran for six seasons with Campbell, Fox, Wolf, and Chabert in each and every episode.


Neve Campbell

Party of Five ran from 1994-2000 and during that time, as her star was on the rise, Neve Campbell continuously stepped out of her Party shadow. She did this first by appearing in The Craft and then came another star-making role. This one was as Sidney Prescott in the horror movie Scream.

The movie redefined what horror movies looked like and brought fans in droves to cineplexes across the country. The movie was so popular that Neve Campbell reprised her role as Sidney Prescott just one year later. Scream 2 was another big hit for the actress.

Neve Campbell in Scream

While Neve Campbell may be best known for her portrayals of Julia Salinger and Sidney Prescott, her most infamously, famously popular role may well be as Suzie Toller in the erotic thriller, Wild Things. It was a performance that would open eyes wide, as she had one of the most talked-about scenes in recent memory, a pool make-out scene with co-star Denise Richards.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, Neve Campbell spoke about the famous scene, “It was fun,” Campbell recalled. “We just sorta went in and did it. Actually, we mixed margaritas and brought a bottle of wine in my trailer and got drunk first.”

Neve Campbell

She even told Rolling Stone that she wrote about the experience in her journal. “Okay, I’m gonna make out with a girl for the first time in my life. It’s so interesting that a lot of times you learn things about yourself and have new experiences when shooting a scene because they’re things you wouldn’t normally do in your life.”

While Richards chose to go topless in the scene, Campbell decided to remain clothed. Richards found the experience different, to say the least. She told Entertainment Weekly, “At one point during Wild Things, we were shooting at night and I just sat there and thought, ‘It’s four o’clock in the morning. I’m half-naked in a swimming pool. I’m making out with Neve Campbell. What am I doing here?”’ We will not pose the same question.



In a short four-year period, Neve Campbell played Sidney Prescott three times. Her third came in 2000 as she was back for more mayhem, terror, and grisly killings. This was also the year Party of Five ended.

Scream 3 saw fan appeal drop, sending Campbell’s career in a different direction. For the next eight or so years, Neve Campbell stuck strictly to feature films, staying away from any possible TV series. She was seen in Intimate Affairs, The Company, Blind Horizon, Relative Strangers, Partition, and I Really Hate My Job among her many feature films.

Neve Campbell
Neve Campbell in Relative Strangers

In 2008 and 2009, Campbell returned to TV in the series Medium and The Philanthropist and then jumped back into a familiar role as Sidney Prescott one more time in Scream 4. Thankfully, the fourth run at the Scream franchise fared better than the third entry, though the first two movies were considered the best.

Since that time, Campbell mainly found herself back on the small screen. She was seen in Grey’s Anatomy, Mad Men, Welcome to Sweden, Manhattan, and she joined the cast of House of Cards in a recurring role. She then found herself in a couple of features including Skyscraper with Dwayne Johnson and Castle in the Ground.


Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell is now 46-years-old and a mom. She’s in a long term relationship with actor JJ Feld and they have one child together (born 2012) and another they adopted in 2018. She’s busy, but she’s still working. In fact, she may play Sidney Prescott for the fifth time.

With the announcement of a Scream 5 happening, the first name to come out of it was David Arquette coming back as Dewey Riley and then rumors about Neve Campbell reprising Sidney Prescott. After Campbell’s name was floated, then came another Scream vet, Courtney Cox, who returns as Gail Weathers-Riley.

Neve Campbell is now confirmed for Scream 5. She’ll be back as Sidney. Is the world ready for a Scream 5? Let’s hope so because ready or not, it’s on its way.