Morgan Freeman Has Been Banned From Russia

Morgan Freeman is arguably one of the most legendary actors in Hollywood, and now it appears as if he has been banned from Russia for life.

By Britta DeVore | Published

morgan freeman

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine almost three months ago, everyone from politicians to movie stars and even everyday people have been stepping forward to voice their upset with the country and lend their support to the people of Ukraine. And now with the swift flick of a pen, 963 Americans have had their names added to a list of those banned from ever stepping foot inside the boundaries of Russia again. While the lineup includes names that we could have easily guessed and anticipated including President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, others were not so predictable. Take former Senator and Presidential hopeful John McCain for example. While McCain passed away in 2018, his name still made it onto the lengthy banishment list which is a feat in and of itself. One other name, in particular, that’s giving us the giggles is fan-favorite actor, Morgan Freeman. 

Known for his soothing voice and dramatic performances in films including The Shawshank Redemption and Unforgiven, it seems that Morgan Freeman has ticked off the Russian government just enough to have his name added to the rollout. But penning Freeman on the master copy isn’t something that’s come out of The Kremlin’s war with Ukraine, but instead is the fallout of something the actor made moves on a few years ago. Apparently, back in September 2017, the actor was filmed speaking about Russia’s alleged clashing with the United States in hopes of destroying the democratic process. This was a reference to the 2016 election when it was alleged that Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin had aided Donald Trump and Mike Pence in winning the Presidential bid against Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine by using cyber warfare. 

What followed Morgan Freeman’s personal political stance was a crushing wave of Russians rising together to put a stop to the actor’s career. As the BBC tells it, the onslaught was started by Vladimir Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov who referred to Freeman as an uninformed entertainer, adding that people in Hollywood don’t truly have a hold on politics. Next, foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova claimed that Freeman was “duped” into thinking this way – although she never broke down exactly how the alleged duping happened. As with many things, when political leaders begin to take shots so do their people.

Morgan Freeman was then criticized by a weatherman (a WEATHERMAN) for his pro-marijuana stance and said that the actor was only saying these things because he had taken on too much work and smoked too much pot. That’s a smoke circle we want to be a part of! The hits kept on coming with one of Russia’s state-run television station critics watching the entire speech and giving it the low, low rating of Freeman’s “worst role.” 

With jabs continuing to come from all sides of the giant country, if Morgan Freeman is upset, he’s sure to keep it to himself. Judging by his comments surrounding Russia as a whole, we’re thinking the country wasn’t really on The Bucket List for him to check out. In fact, our bet is that Freeman is sitting at home right now, rolling up a joint and having a laugh at the whole thing.