Miley Cyrus Was Nearly Abducted By Aliens, Chased By A UFO

Miley Cyrus claims to have some intergalactic fans.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Miley Cyrus has been chased by fans for almost her whole life. Growing up the daughter of a famous country singer father and actress mother she was born into celebrity life with all its fandom and trappings. And then she forged out on her own on the Disney Channel with Hannah Montana putting her name out there for the world to see. That led to even more fans and more fame with Billboard-topping albums, massive concert tours, hit shows, and more. So, yeah, she’s had a big fanbase for almost her entire life. And now she can claim that it isn’t just humans following her. There might have been some aliens also tracking her down, making her reported fanbase even that much more diverse. 

In a back and forth with fashion designer Rick Owens, the two discuss a variety of topics including the time they’ve each spent on the road in tour buses, artistic expression, where they find motivation for their work, and how they grew up in their respective industries. But near the end of the quasi-interview, Miley Cyrus gives some details about her “encounter” with a UFO. She says that while driving through the San Bernardino area, she and a friend were chased by a UFO-like object she describes as a glowing yellow flying snowplow. She claims she wasn’t the only one who saw the object either with her friend witnessing it as well and other cars on the road stopping to look.


But before we use this encounter as proof of extraterrestrial life forms existing, it’s worth noting that Miley Cyrus admits it could have been the pot talking. She’d just picked up weed wax from a friend and that alone could explain the ET-sighting. 

Alien encounters and government cover-ups are just another in the long list of things that have made 2020 among the weirdest years on record. The NSA has released a number of different documents related to alien encounters. And recently, the Pentagon revealed it was setting aside money for the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force which will begin releasing more data to the public over the coming months and years. Adding on to that, the US Navy has released some video of a supposed encounter with an unidentified object.

So these days, saying you’ve come into close contact with alien life forms or objects might not make you the crackpot such claims once did. Even a few years ago, Miley Cyrus saying such a thing would have sounded like the ramblings of a stoned-out celebrity who’d been told yes a few too many times in their life. But not anymore, with more and more “legitimacy” around the search for ET life. As more and more government institutions release data, there might be something to her claim. 

Do Miley Cyrus’s sightings mean we need to go back and storm Area 51 again looking for more answers? Probably not and the turnout for the first one wasn’t all that robust anyway. But we are going to hear more and more about stories like this going forward. And, maybe like in Cyrus’s case, it won’t just be the weed talking.