See Mel Gibson Caught Airing Up Tires In A Parking Lot And Joking About Mugging A Fan

By Erika Hanson | 3 months ago

mel gibson

Mel Gibson’s lucrative career has waned over time, largely due to the countless controversies surrounding the Academy Award holder. While easily one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood, the past few decades or so have tarnished the 66-year-old actor’s career in showbiz. Now, a new video from a TikTok user has gone viral, showcasing the actor doing everyday manly things like airing up tires and of course joking about mugging fans as the Lethal Weapon star continues his journey back to Hollywood.

See Mel Gibson’s motor skills in the video below:

In a TikTok that is going viral on Twitter, the Mad Max alum was recorded in a rare sighting doing something completely normal. While the fan holds his camera, viewers are treated to a view of a grizzly yet chiseled Mel Gibson coming to the aid of a fan that needed help filling his tires with air. As the Hispanic man shows his delighted face to the camera, he tells his viewership that he’s “helping” his friend Mel Gibson. Panning the camera over to Mel, we see a perturbed-looking Gibson squat down in front of the tire as he plays the role of the good samaritan. The cameraman next asks the actor if he is in fact Mel Gibson, to which Mel begrudgingly confirms. 

While it’s easy to tell Mel Gibson wanted to be able to quickly and quietly deal with the tire, the fan didn’t seem to grasp Mel’s tone and demeanor, or simply was just star-struck like many people that come across celebrities on everyday outings. After a round of 20 questions, the fan asks Mel why he’s alone. In a perfectly fitting Mel Gibson manner, the Braveheart veteran responded by asking the fan “Why are you?” Replying that he’s alone because he’s not famous, Mel banters back saying he “likes” being alone before adding in, “What if I rob you?” 

It’s noteworthy to mention the details surrounding this assumed fan encounter don’t make it clear whether or not Mel Gibson is fixing his own tire or the fans. However, after appeasing the fan’s chatter, Gibson did end up asking the man for help with the task. The video has been blowing up on social media, and thankfully for the man constantly under pressure for his dealings, the reactions seem warming. Plenty of viewers took the time to comment how relieving it was to see Mel Gibson having a normal interaction with the public. And while many viewers called out Gibson for his irritated stance and awkward mugging joke, the occurrence was optimistically uplifting, and we have to remember that celebrities are people too, who get fed up with the constant watchful eye out in public.

More than anything, it’s a relief to see the Signs star not caught up in a new controversy. Spanning all the way back to the early ’90s, Gibson has a long history of getting caught in scandals. In 1991, Mel Gibson was accused of homophobia after an interview in which he made allegedly derogatory comments about homosexuals. During the early aughts, Gibson went through a dark and public DUI while speeding with an open container. To make the matter worse, video footage of the arrest was leaked and depicted an irate Gibson going on an allegedly antisemitic rant at the officer. Not slowing down, Gibson suffered another career blow after a recorded phone message with his at the time girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva leaked. After receiving a domestic violence-related restraining order, the incident seemed to be a tipping point for Mel, as he was largely blacklisted from Hollywood the last decade or so. 

While cancel culture reigns supreme in Hollywood, it seems Mel Gibson might be undergoing a comeback soon. He is set to star in a new John Wick spinoff series, along with the highly anticipated fifth film in his long-running Lethal Weapon franchise. Surely, this candid appearance out and about will only help the actor’s Hollywood return, as long as he keeps his mouth shut on some of the scandalous topics close to his heart.