Game of Thrones Actress Adds To The Allegations Against Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson has had another former girlfriend speak out about the singer. The new allegations continue to paint a disturbing picture

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Marilyn Manson continues to be under considerable fire with new revelations about his abusive relationships coming to light almost daily. Allegations against the singer and actor are incredibly disturbing with more and more people coming forward to detail their relationship with him in the past. The latest person to speak out is Game of Thrones actress Esme Bianco who has some more disgusting allegations about the singer from their past relationship. 

According to Esme Bianco, she and Marilyn Manson dated in 2011 after meeting on the set of one of Manson’s music videos. The two entered into a relationship that, according to Bianco, turned very dark. Among the accusations she makes against the singer, there is a claim that he physically and mentally abused her during their time together. This included cutting her with a knife and also giving her bruises as well. Additionally, Bianco says Manson would humiliate her in front of others and belittle her often. She finally decided to leave Manson after he apparently chased her with an ax. 

Bianco detailed her time with Marilyn Manson as being one of fear both around her physical and mental safety. But she says she stayed with the singer because her employment on his music video was enabling her to maintain a visa to work in the states. This was before she landed the role as Ros on HBO’s Game of Thrones. While not a major role, she did appear often through the first three seasons. 

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Bianco’s revelations about hers and Marilyn Manson’s relationship and subsequent abuse come on the heels of Evan Rachel Wood recently speaking out about her relationship with the singer. Wood had been open about abuse in her past but had always held back the actual person about whom she was referring. That changed this week when the actress revealed it had been Manson. She’s asserted that Manson had performed unspeakable acts of abuse during their time together, causing both physical and mental trauma. 

Both Bianco and Wood speaking out against Marilyn Manson is in response to a move to extend California’s Phoenix Act which is attempting to extend the statute of limitations for domestic abuse. Wood is featured prominently in the outreach for the group, becoming one of the faces of the movement. 

The claims and incidents involving Marilyn Manson are almost too length to fully detail here. They include a litany of accusations and different documented occurrences that paint a disgusting picture of the singer and his past relationships. At this point, there are no active investigations against Manson, but there’s some chance we hear of more news if others feel emboldened to speak out. 

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In the short term, these allegations have led to Marilyn Manson losing his current acting gig. He was set to appear on the third season of Starz’s series American Gods. On the show, he played an Odin-worshipper named Jonah. But he’s been terminated from that production. It’s hard to imagine other gigs coming anytime soon. There’s little chance this is the end of this story for Manson.