Lily James Shows Off A Skin-Tight Black Dress In Latest Photos

Lily James has taken the world by storm due to the popularity of Pam & Tommy, and she has posted another alluring pic of herself via her Instagram page.

By James Brizuela | Published

lily james pam & tommy

Lily James has been all over the map due to her massive popularity from the hit show, Pam & Tommy, where she portrays the legendary Pamela Anderson. James offered plenty of behind-the-scenes photos as the show began to wrap up last week. That, and she seems to be the new favorite model for Donatella Versace. The actress has now been part of what appears to be two different outfits and two occasions in which Versace was the main designer for her jaw-dropping outfits. You can see the newest dress below:

Lily James is shown here in what is a tight and alluring latex dress that has a cut-out neckline. While it may seem like a coincidence, James could be wearing this dress as a dedication to Pamela Anderson who was often shown in latex outfits. Especially when she was in the film, Barb Wire. The bombshell currently has 3.2 million followers on her page and the above photo has collected over 118,000 likes. The comments are limited but her caption that included a tag of Versace and black heart emojis was mirrored by Donatella Versace herself, who also commented with a collection of black heart emojis.

Pam & Tommy ran for eight episodes on Hulu and has been heavily talked about. So much so that Pamela Anderson is now releasing her own documentary on Netflix as a would-be response to the fictionalized version of a story that concerns her life. However, Lily James looked incredible while portraying her and has seen a plethora of exposure since. Her career has already been taking off the past five years, but it seems as if this limited series has brought on a whole new wave of appreciation for the actress. That could all be because she expertly played the part of Anderson. She truly looked exactly like her. While the critic consensus was mostly positive, it was James’ performance that won over everyone. From Rotten Tomatoes, “Lily James’ performance gives this sleazy opus an undeniable heart.”

Lily James only has one project slated for the future, which is a romantic comedy named What’s Love Got to Do with It? She is likely to garner many more roles in the future, especially due to the high popularity that she has been receiving as of late. The world is also patiently waiting for the announcement of Baby Driver 2, where James played the role of Debora. Director and writer Edgar Wright had announced that the script was done, however, he is just waiting for the right time to make the movie. He is likely busy with his many films as well. While James has been heavily involved with acting for the past 12 years, she could easily transfer over to being a model. Versace seems to have accepted her into that role and she looks spectacular in all the outfits that she has been wearing as of late. Whatever happens next in her future, we hope that it involves many more latex outfits, because she looks amazing.