Lily James Stuns Fans In A Revealing Top In Latest Post

By Shawn Paul Wood | Updated

Rebecca Lily James

Ever since she appeared in Downton Abbey, the live-action Cinderella, and then Baby Driver as the diner damsel in distress named Debora, Lily James has become quite the social media magnet. As if she needed any help driving traffic to her platforms, being the star of the Hulu series, Pam and Tommy, has helped increase her views. If you fancy a follow, check her out on Instagram.

Lily James is a fierce fashionista, often sporting expensive designer clothing in a shout-out or sponsored post. With 3.2 million followers on Instagram alone, she garners everything from hearts to bug-eyes to flames and the random eggplant (Seriously, people?! Stahp!). That notwithstanding, her latest gram does not disappoint.

At 126K likes, Lily James is running about average engagement with this gleesome threesome post of her sporting what she wore to the 2022 Film Independent Spirit Awards on March 6. Thanks to the credits from and Getty, we know this snug, revealing fit is a Del Core Fall 2022 ensemble. The seamless bralette she wears confidently is coincidentally something Pamela Anderson may have worn in her halcyon days—not necessarily to an award show, but that could have been a regular Tuesday afternoon to the grocery store.

If you don’t stream Hulu, or have borrowed someone’s password to use it, you have missed Lily James’ insane transformation into the buxom Baywatch poster girl. Of course, Anderson is more famous because of a particular randy videotape with Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, who Sebastian Stan portrays flawlessly. It’s a specific low point of class in this country’s history, but when that honeymoon videotape was stolen and later leaked, people could not handle it. The web traffic was unbearable, locking down websites for weeks because people would frequently watch that gravelly and seedy escapade.

When Lily James’ name was attached to the series, fans were happy she would be featured, but more masculine fans wondered how. There is no natural or artificial resemblance between the two ladies, but you know those two could easily pass for the rockstar couple if you see the trailer. Thanks to an article from Vogue UK, we discovered dedication was how—five fitness sessions a week and a commitment to tanning salons. “Lily worked so hard to become Pam for the role that she became so strong, fit, and healthy as a result,” says James’ stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray in the article. “We chose a wardrobe that would reflect that body confidence as well as a nod towards the era and the role.”

Well, mission accomplished. She has taken the salacious personality of Anderson and given it a demure, almost mysterious aesthetic. Look at her poses. Lily James is standing assertively with her hand on a juxtaposed hip, daring people not to stare. A second image looks like James is standing on stilts, a la Barnum and Bailey Circus. Her last image is a close-up of her bedazzled brassiere, among other things for those interested. And, if you know anything about James and her photo-friendly game, you know the interest is there in all its imaginative slow-motion enjoyment.