Katee Sackhoff Surprises Fans With Big News In Her Latest Post

By Faith McKay | 8 seconds ago

katee sackhoff

Katee Sackhoff has won the hearts of fans on Battlestar Galactica and The Mandalorian. She has taken to social media to share some big personal news from her life with those fans. In her latest update, she surprised fans with a photo of herself cuddling her newborn child, Ginerva Grace Gadsby. Prior to this, she had not mentioned to fans that she was expecting a baby. The young Gadsby was born on December 6, 2021.

You can see the big update from Katee Sackhoff below.

This post is in line with how Katee Sackhoff likes to share personal news via her social media. Back in October, she announced that she was married with a photo of her dress, high heels, and a bottle of Insignia. She married Robin Gadsby. Clicking the arrow on the right in the photo above reveals more photos of Ginevra Grace Gadsby with both of the new parents.

Katee Sackhoff’s new husband also updated his Instagram with his own photos. The first one shows the new baby. The second one shows another photo of Katee Sackhoff with the newborn, then one with Robin Gadsby. That can be seen below.

The news came as a particular surprise to Katee Sackhoff’s fans since she is a frequent poster on social media. Amusingly, she actually posted a graphic video from behind the scenes of her latest series, Another Life. In that post, she showed off the special effects makeup used on the series to make it look like her stomach had been cut open. Her fans responded with a lot of replies about how horrifyingly graphic the post was, even once they knew she wasn’t injured and the blood was fake. The shots of her stomach seem like an inside joke now, since it seems likely she was pregnant at the time she was posting them. Although, it should be noted that she doesn’t disclose in her latest post whether she had been pregnant or if the pair became parents via another avenue. She says that she plans on sharing the birth story at a later date, but that it was a beautiful experience. She also previously shared, via her Instagram Stories, that she is very tired and in need of coffee.

Katee Sackhoff is most well known for her roles on Battlestar Galactica as Starbuck and The Mandalorian as Bo-Katan. In 2021, she took on a couple of great voice roles. She played Poison Ivy for Batman: The Long Halloween, voiced Bo-Katan for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and voiced Judy for Night Of The Animated Dead. This last one is an animated remake of the horror classic Night of the Living Dead. It was released on September 21, 2021.

For now, Katee Sackhoff is at home raising her new child with her new husband. Hopefully, she’ll update fans on upcoming projects where they can catch her on-screen soon.