See Kate Beckinsale Strutting In A Skintight Dress

Underworld star Kate Beckinsale is no stranger to skin-tight outfits, which we are very, very grateful for.

By Matthew Creith | Published

kate beckinsale

Actor and model Kate Beckinsale may be best known for her film work, but her social media presence seems to get the most attention in recent years. From showcasing her stunning looks throughout the summer to attending gala events around the world, the London native knows a thing or two about fashion and how to strut her stuff. Recently, Kate Beckinsale posted a series of pictures and videos to social media highlighting her comedic side while simultaneously attempting to look flawless. The result is a skintight latex dress that Hello! describes as Catwoman-like, as she gives some bold runway modeling type of poses.

Captioning her post to Instagram with a comment on how “every day is a journey,” Kate Beckinsale pulls attention her way in a glamorous black dress next to her friend, Gabriella Claire Morpeth. Standing with one foot in the air, the actor models some high heels and a pulled-back hairstyle fit for a beauty queen. She even includes a video of her walking down a hallway set against “Brimful of Asha,” the hit song from British alternative rock group Cornershop, as she mouths the chorus’s words for the camera. In the last of her pictures as part of the post to social media, Beckinsale plays a fun game of “Who Am I?” with Disney characters. She apparently looks puzzled, and a bit miffed when it turns out she gets Pumbaa, the lovable warthog from the 1994 Disney epic The Lion King.

Prior to her days playing dress-up for her more than 5.4 million followers on Instagram, Kate Beckinsale was internationally known for her work as an actor in movies. Beginning her career with a film debut in Kenneth Branagh’s Much Ado About Nothing, she moved into more independent films like Brokedown Palace and The Last Days of Disco. Her prominent roles in Serendipity and the 2001 Michael Bay blockbuster Pearl Harbor solidified Beckinsale’s position as a leading lady, where directors often cast her to play opposite male leads in romantic comedies. She seemed to break that mold when she starred as Selene in the Underworld franchise, beginning with an appearance as the character in the 2003 original. Beckinsale would go on to make five films total for the franchise, as well as marry the filmmaker responsible for the series, Len Wiseman. While the films have been a success financially for the actor, Rotten Tomatoes currently ranks the original Underworld with 31% on its Tomatometer, generally meaning that the movie that started it all was not a hit with critics.

After Kate Beckinsale is done posing for Instagram in tight dresses, she will be pretty busy in the coming months promoting her newest film. Deadline reports that Beckinsale is starring in Prisoner’s Daughter for director Catherine Hardwicke. Prisoner’s Daughter is about a father, played by Succession actor Brian Cox, who tries to establish a relationship with his grandson and his daughter (Beckinsale) after serving time in prison. The movie is set to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September and will be released in theaters shortly after that.