See Kate Beckinsale As A Sexy Bunny

Kate Beckinsale often comes up with wild outfits for her social media fans, and this time she decided to dress up as an alluring and threatening looking bunny.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Easter may have passed by a couple of months ago, but that hasn’t stopped Kate Beckinsale from throwing on her sexiest bunny outfit. The actress took to her Instagram page to show off her pink bunny ears alongside some fishnet stockings and a pink shaggy coat that makes her look like the kind of bunny that might do some damage if you get too close. According to her caption, someone is out there attempting to harvest “cecotropes” which is basically a fancy word for bunny feces. We are not sure why anyone would do that, but maybe that is why Beckinsale looks ready for battle. You can see the image below:

Although Kate Beckinsale is speaking about the collecting of bunny feces, she looks amazing in the outfit. Her off-kilter bunny ears seem to sag and stand at attention at the same time. Her hair looks long and luscious, and her dark eye makeup looks as though this outfit is one that was methodically thought up. She is set to play a CIA agent in a new movie, and this just might be one of the outfits she is set to wear for the film. Apparently, the outfit has worked on many levels, as the pic has over 78,000 likes and 1,200 comments. The massive number of comments with heart emojis and smiley faces have shown that this outfit has worked on every level.

As previously mentioned, Kate Beckinsale is ready to get right back into the action of things, as she is currently set to start filming her new film called, Black Canary. In this film, she plays CIA agent Avery Graves. Graves is tricked into betraying her own country while she attempts to save her husband’s life. Now she must fight back against those who have betrayed her while still finding a way to reunite with her husband. We can’t wait to see what she does in the film. She is also going to be in Charlie Day’s directorial debut film, El Tonto. She joins an all-star cast that includes Day, Travis Fimmel, Adrien Brody, Jason Sudeikis, and Ray Liotta in one of his final performances.

Kate Beckinsale is also set to star alongside Brian Cox, Ernie Hudson, and Jon Huertas, in a film called Prisoner’s Daughter. This comes from famed director Catherine Hardwicke, who has directed films like Lords of Dogtown, Thirteen, and the first Twilight film. Prisoner’s Daughter follows a prisoner who gets released and fights for the love of his daughter and grandson. The film is in the post-production stages, so we might be seeing it in early 2023.

Kate Beckinsale continues to stay busy in her illustrious career. She was made famous for her time as Selene in the Underworld, and we are honestly waiting for her to join the MCU. She was made for a role in that franchise. Beckinsale is a fantastic actress, and an entertaining one at that, as she is constantly showing off her odd and alluring outfits on her social media pages.