See Kat McNamara In A Sexy Disco Ball Dress

For the premiere for Fool's Paradise, Kat McNamara wears a gorgeous, sexy dress.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

kat mcnamara

Kat McNamara has had a Hollywood career we have watched with great interest over the years. For example, she was one of the best parts of CW’s Arrowverse when she appeared as Mia Smoak in shows like Arrow and The Flash, and she consistently delivered a killer performance in Shadowhunters. At the premiere of her latest movie Fool’s Paradise, she rocked a sexy disco ball dress that reminded everyone that she is one of the hottest stars in the business.

In her caption, Kat McNamara expressed “what a grand time” she and everyone else had at the premiere. She also went out of her way to thank It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Charlie Day for casting her in this movie. As for Day, this was a very big deal because the movie is the directorial debut of the veteran actor.

In fact, Kat McNamara’s pictures are a veritable who’s who of Hollywood hotties. In her second image, she posed with Charlie Day and his wife, fellow actor Mary Elizabeth Ellis (best known to Sunny fans as The Waitress). And in her third image, she poses with Ken Jeong, one of our favorite stars from the beloved television comedy Community.

Should you be more interested in seeing Kat McNamara rather than her famous costars, she’s got you covered. The fourth image focuses solely on this sultry star as she looks over her shoulder, long blonde tresses trailing down the glitter of her dress. She’s giving the kind of sexy smirk that would give Harrison Ford’s Han Solo a (Kessel) run for his money.

In the fifth image, Kat McNamara poses with seemingly most of the major cast for Fool’s Paradise, including our favorite vampiric badass Kate Beckinsale. After that, we get a brief video that seems to document McNamara’s excitement for the premiere through a series of incredibly silly faces. McNamara goes from an open-mouthed mock shout of joy to a toothy grin to sticking her tongue out (honestly, we haven’t seen so many facial reactions in short order since Andy Serkis argued with himself in Lord of the Rings).

After that, we see Kat McNamara laughing next to Kate Beckinsale, which serves as a reminder of just how tall the latter actor is. Thanks to her natural height and some stylish heels, the statuesque Beckinsale positively towers over her costar. But in the next solo image, McNamara and her midriff strike prove that while she might not be statuesque per se, she does have the kind of charm and provocative beauty worthy of her own classic Greek statue.

Kat McNamara in Walker: Independence

The next image shows Kat McNamara posing next to Jillian Bell (who seems to have a “deer in headlights” look about her). And in the final image, we see the two sides of McNamara: a serious, all-business pose and one where she is in the middle of absolutely cracking up. Then again, if we went to a premiere surrounded by many of the hilarious cast members from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (including 5-star man Glenn Howerton), we’d have trouble keeping a straight face as well.