See Karen Gillan Do Her Best Jessica Rabbit In A Red Dress

Karen Gillan is a dead ringer for Jessica Rabbit, but she's not bad: she's just drawn that way. In real life, though.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan may soon be leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe and her role as Thanos’ daughter Nebula behind, but it seems like she may be angling to take on another iconic role. Specifically, it seems like Gillan is a dead ringer for a real-life Jessica Rabbit, at least according to her social media. The Guardians of the Galaxy star recently posted a picture of herself on Instagram in which she very much looks like she could be on her way to a Who Framed Roger Rabbit audition, but maybe she also just enjoys looking like she isn’t bad, but just drawn that way. Check it out:

In the picture, Karen Gillan is taking a selfie (much like her canceled too soon sitcom with John Cho) in a full-length mirror. Aside from confirming that Gillan uses an iPhone, like all the good guys in movies, we see that she can really pull off a red dress. The gown she is wearing is a dead-ringer for Jessica Rabbit’s, with an absurdly high slit to show off one very attractive leg. The dress itself also seems to have a bit of a sparkle to it, just like Jessica’s. The neckline of Karen Gillan’s gown is also quite lowcut, though her long, dark red hair draping down her shoulders mostly covers it. We have belabored the Who Framed Roger Rabbit comparison here but come one, you can see what we mean. 

We are not actually aware of any live-action remakes of Who Framed Roger Rabbit in development that Karen Gillan might be up for, so it is somewhat unclear what this look is for (other than being absolutely stunning). She appears to be in a quite well-appointed room with a fireplace with a low-burning pile of embers and a pair of candles on the mantle. It is quite mysterious and sultry, and just to bring it back around, suitable for Karen Gillan as Jessica Rabbit. 

As we mentioned before, we might have seen the last of Karen Gillan in the MCU after the triple-punch of Thor: Love and Thunder, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. If so, she will be sorely missed, as she managed to wring every drop of pathos and humor out of what could have been a stock villain character. However, it is always possible that whatever happens to Nebula will not be permanent and we could always see a bit more of Karen Gillan back in blue and purple and gold. 

If that is the case, Karen Gillan has a lot of upcoming projects to make up for it. She will be starring in the science fiction comedy-drama Next Exit by filmmaker Mali Elfman. She will also be voicing the title character in Rhona Who Lives by the River, an animated musical series from Emily Kapnek with music by legendary film composer Danny Elfman. We also have to assume there will be another Jumanji movie co-starring Karen Gillan whenever Dwayne Johnson remembers about the franchise, so we can look forward to that. Until then, we will just be thinking about Karen Gillan and Jessica Rabbit.

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