John Boyega Is Making A Sequel To His Best Movie

John Boyega is set to return to the movie that helped launched his career when the film gets a much-needed sequel to the story.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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John Boyega has had his star turn in a big over the last couple of years with a role in one of the biggest franchises ever created. So it’s easy to forget that he started his career with a smaller Indie film that was really well received. Now it looks like we are going to get a return to that world with an exciting announcement. According to Deadline, Attack the Block 2  is getting made with Boyega once again in the lead. Aliens are coming back and the neighborhood needs to be protected. 

It will have been more than a decade since the original Attack the Block first came out but it looks like we are going to return to the story in some fashion. Though the plot isn’t known at this point, we can make some base assumptions that it will involve another alien attack and that John Boyega as Moses will be at the heart of it. Joe Cornish who wrote and directed the first film will be back again for this one as well, handling the follow-up story that could take a number of different shapes. 

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Attack the Block came out back in 2011 with John Boyega in the lead as a small-town English thug teen who just happens to find himself in the middle of an alien attack. He’s able to mobilize his friends and fight off the ETs from taking over the neighborhood and, by proxy, the world. It was an insular, but action-packed movie that had its issues gaining a huge audience at first but established the actor as a real talent in the industry. 

When Attack the Block wrapped up, John Boyega as Moses had appeared to begin turning his life around. When the movie starts, he’s a down on his luck kid, orphaned and mostly alone except for his friends, and is making a “life” with petty street crime as his main source of money and influence. But by the end of the film all of that has changed, with him becoming the hero of the story both to the viewers but within his little hamlet as well. It will be interesting to see where this next movie picks up. 

john boyega attack the block

John Boyega was an unknown actor when this film first came out. It was basically his first feature-length film after having been featured on the series Becoming Human. But it affirmed his standing as a legit talent who could handle much bigger roles going forward. And that he did, landing one of the biggest parts out there as Finn in the Star Wars sequel trilogy that started with The Force Awakens. If Attack the Block lit the spark, Star Wars shot his ship off into the proverbial atmosphere. 

There isn’t a firm release date on when Attack the Block 2 will hit the big screen. We are likely at least a year-plus off from that happening. In the meantime, John Boyega has other films he’s working on. He’s set to star in They Clones Tyrone along with Jamie Foxx and Teyonah Paris about a government conspiracy. He’s also currently filming Rebel Ridge which looks like it will be an intense film. And he’s in pre-production on Borderland as well. But soon he’ll return to protecting his block, a great full-circle moment for the actor.