Joe Rogan Announces COVID Diagnosis

Popular comedian, announced and podcast host Joe Rogan has contracted Covid-19. He took to Instagram to update his followers.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Comedian, actor, and podcast pioneer Joe Rogan has announced that he has Covid. According to his Instagram feed (via Deadline), the actor said that he was returning from working on the road over the weekend and felt symptoms coming on. After isolating from his family he tested and received the diagnosis. The news on Rogan comes at a point in the United States where tensions are high around vaccination statuses. And Rogan himself has been vocal in his hesitancy about receiving the Covid-19 vaccine up until this point.

Joe Rogan took to Instagram to let his followers in on what was happening as well as letting on that he would be canceling some future shows because of it. He said he got from the road feeling weary with mild symptoms. He said that after testing positive he threw what he called the “kitchen sink” at it with monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, z-pack, and some other treatments. He said that after experiencing one bad day, he was feeling better. Here, check out what Joe Rogan had to say on Instagram:

Joe Rogan has received some pushback in the past because of his stance on the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States. He has said, in the past, in not so many words that younger and healthier people need not be as incentivized to receive the vaccine because the virus tends to target an older cohort of the population or folks with multiple comorbidities. Because of this, he has become something of a polarizing figure in the entertainment industry on the issue.

Among the many treatments Joe Rogan reportedly chose to use to fight off the Covid-19 diagnosis were FDA-approved ones like the monoclonal antibodies and vitamin drip. There has been controversy though around the use of over ivermectin which is a horse deworming medicine. The FDA has not come out in favor of this treatment though it has been recommended for people at times when dealing specifically with parasite issues. Because of this, one might notice that on the Joe Rogan Instagram post, there is a label warning viewers of unapproved treatments. 

Joe Rogan contracting Covid-19 is sure to drum up significant commentary and/ or backlash depending on the group. Again, the popular podcaster has been vocal on the subject over the last year-plus, often coming down on the individual rights of people to choose vaccinations over government mandates. It has ended up with him being a polarizing figure on the issue. 

And in terms of reach, Joe Rogan has one of the biggest followings out there. His podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the largest out there and last year was licensed to Spotify in an exclusive deal that netted Rogan over $100 million dollars. He was currently on a standup tour throughout the country and his last stop had been in Florida. His next show, slated to be alongside Dave Chappelle on September 3rd has been canceled. There is sure to be significant commentary from all sides on Joe Rogan contracting Covid-19.