Comedian Jim Breuer Trending And Under Attack For Rant On Tucker Carlson

Jim Breuer is trending on social media for all the wrong reasons.

By Michileen Martin | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Saturday Night Live alum Jim Breuer is trending on Twitter and it isn’t because anything tragic has happened to him — at least nothing physically. The comedian showed up on Tucker Carlson Tonight to deliver a wild, disjointed anti-vaccination rant and the video’s making the rounds on social media.

In a Facebook Live video this past weekend (via NBC News), Jim Breuer informed fans that he was canceling stand-up comedy shows at venues that were requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination for audience members, which he referred to as “segregation.” The move put him on the radar of Tucker Carlson — the same guy who encourages his watchers to “confront” people who wear masks in public. Among the highlights of Breuer’s rant on Carlson’s show — which you can watch below — he compares requiring vaccination proof to feeding fish to seals, and then starts barking like a seal. He also says that the “new narrative” is that people who are unvaccinated are “the beast.”

As you can guess, in response to a video like this, a lot of folks on Twitter are not happy. Among those taking the high road and simply pointing out what they see as problems in what Jim Breuer is saying is Amee Vanderpool. The journalist takes aim at Breuer’s comment that he’s unvaccinated because he already had COVID.

Author and podcaster Kimberley Johnson, on the other hand, seemingly harbors more hope than Vanderpool, expressing her belief that Jim Breuer’s feelings don’t represent the majority of Americans.

But once you leave the high road, then you get into the funny stuff, and the funny stuff is pretty funny. For example, there are those pointing out that for a guy seemingly unconcerned about a major health crisis, Jim Breuer didn’t exactly look at the top of his game on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Some folks, like writer and comedian Frank Conniff seemed to wonder why the cancellation of Jim Breuer performances was even newsworthy.

The Emmy-winning comedy writer Frank Lesser (The Colbert Report) took a couple of wonderful swipes at Jim Breuer, commenting on the Saturdary Night Live alum’s relevancy and skill as a comedian.

Lesser wasn’t the only writer to take aim at Jim Breuer’s comedic talent. Writers Ben Schwarz and John Pavlovitz got their zingers in too.

And then there was Rich MacLeod’s response to Jim Breuer, which skipped the wit and got right to the point.

Jim Breuer isn’t the only stand-up comic who made news because of show cancellations in the last couple of weeks. Patton Oswalt cut five dates from his upcoming tour, but for the exact opposite reason that Jim Breuer is canceling shows. Oswalt canceled four dates in Florida and one date in Salt Lake City, Utah because in each case the venues refused to comply with his request that all audience members either show proof of vaccination, or documentation of a recent negative COVID test.