Jessica Alba Stuns In A Lacy Top For Her Big Night Out

In her latest social media post, Jessica Alba shared that with all this going on, she still prioritizes taking a night out and getting dressed up for the occasion.

By Faith McKay | Published

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Jessica Alba is an incredibly busy woman. For a while, her acting career was center stage. She starred in movies like Fantastic Four and Sin City. Then, in 2011, she began a career as a businesswoman with The Honest Company, a goods company for household products. Today, she juggles her role as a businesswoman and acting on television series with her role as a mom. In her latest social media post, the star shared that with all this going on, she still prioritizes taking a night out and getting dressed up for the occasion.

You can see the latest post from Jessica Alba below.

According to Jessica Alba’s Instagram caption and The Old Farmer’s Almanac, Mercury is currently in retrograde until February 3, 2022. This happens three times a year, and for followers of astrology, signifies times of frustration and confusion. The actress says she’s not letting that get her down. Though she doesn’t share what she’s doing for her mom’s night out, her followers on the account seem pleased with the photo of the star. Her comments are full of fans telling her that she radiates beauty, looks stunning, and have some noticing that Jessica Alba recently cut her hair. The new do is much shorter, and fans who are noticing seem to like it. In a post from two weeks ago, her hair was worn most of the way down her back.

It’s not surprising that her fans would notice something like her haircut without her saying a word about it. Jessica Alba has over 19 million dedicated followers on her Instagram. She uses the account to share the occasional glimpse of her life as a mother and actress. The businesswoman also shares videos and photos where she demonstrates how to use The Honest Company products for skincare.

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While Jessica Alba spends a lot of her time with her family and working on The Honest Company, she is still acting. Currently, audiences are waiting to see her new movie for Netflix, Trigger Warning. The film doesn’t yet have a release date but is in post-production, so will likely release in 2022. The movie sees Alba playing a traumatized veteran. When she returns home after her grandfather’s passing, she inherits his bar. She will then have to face a difficult moral dilemma after learning more about how he truly died.

Audiences last saw Jessica Alba in L.A.’s Finest, a show she co-starred in with Gabrielle Union. After the series was canceled, it started streaming on Netflix where it quickly rose to the top ten most-watched shows. This may have contributed to Netflix signing her on for the upcoming Trigger Warning. While L.A.’s Finest didn’t catch attention when it first aired, it had a lot to offer as a spinoff of the Will Smith Bad Boys movies. Alba and Union played drug enforcement officers in the series. While it was canceled shortly after the premiere of its second season, it was a show that Alba has said she was proud to be a part of.