Jamie Foxx’s Family Is Preparing For The Worst

Since Jamie Foxx has remained hospitalized for so long, family and friends are reportedly prepared for the worst.

By Charlene Badasie | Updated

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Jamie Foxx has been hospitalized for about a month after suffering from an unspecified medical complication. But despite reports that the Spider-Man star is improving, his health situation remains dire. “Jamie’s people are saying he’s doing ok and improving while doctors try to get to the bottom of his problems,” an unnamed source said via Atlanta Black Star. “But he wouldn’t be in a hospital this long if he was close to ok. His friends and family are hoping for the best but preparing for the worst!” the source continued.

Another person familiar with the situation implied that the health scare was related to a pre-existing condition, saying that Jamie Foxx “suffered from high blood pressure for years” and “the medical crisis was a long time coming.”

On May 3, the Marvel alum left his first social media post since the incident to thank everyone for their support. The post, which said, “Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed,” reassured fans that he was doing better. But the latest update, while unconfirmed, has left folks feeling confused and concerned. “This Jamie Foxx news is terrible. I thought he was doing good, and now they say he took a turn for the worst,” one fan wrote online.

Others have created conspiracy theories about the actor’s condition, with one person saying, “I think he is in a coma. I think the post saying he thanked fans for their support was made up to ease suspicions about what is really going on.” Further speculation suggests that Jamie Foxx suffered a stroke and that doctors are waiting for his condition to stabilize before he is discharged.

The silence about the exact nature of his medical scare isn’t unusual for the Academy Award winner. Jamie Foxx is known for keeping a low profile when he’s not working. The actor has always been forthcoming about his roles in interviews but has never shared much about his personal life. Any questions in that regard have resulted in conversations being ended abruptly.

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Those who know Jamie Foxx personally have been intentionally vague when asked about the current state of his health. Kevin Hart said he was fortunate that his close relationship with Foxx allowed him to check in with the actor. Hart said he is getting better while touching on why his family has kept things private.

“They’re being tight for reasons just about where he is because Jamie [Foxx] has always been a private person to a certain degree,” Kevin Hart explained. Nick Cannon is now filling in as guest host on the musical game show Beat Shazam, which usually featured Foxx alongside his daughter Corinne. Kelly Osbourne has taken on her role so the DJ can be with her father.

Various celebrities have handled their health situations differently. Jeremy Renner has had a very public recuperation following his snow plow accident. Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman chose not to make his cancer diagnosis public. Only after his death did family members share information about his struggle with the illness.

Jamie Foxx will next be seen in the action comedy Back in Action. The movie is directed by Seth Gordon, who co-wrote the script with Brendan O’Brien. The film features a stellar cast including Cameron Diaz, Kyle Chandler, and Glenn Close. Details about the plot are still under wraps.