Even Jamie Foxx’s Friends Don’t Know His Health Situation

Kevin Hart doesn't even know what Jamie Foxx's medical condition is.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

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It’s been a bumpy road for Jamie Foxx over the last few weeks when his daughter, Corrine Foxx, revealed to her Instagram fans that the Collateral star was hospitalized following an unsaid medical condition. Beyond this initial announcement, details and updates have been hard to come by as the family, rightfully so, is keeping their personal business personal. Stepping forward to illuminate some of the goings on with the star’s progression, his close friend and fellow actor Kevin Hart shared a piece of good news during a recent appearance on the Impaulsive podcast, which you can see below.

While even Hart said that he was unsure of what the specifics were surrounding Jamie Foxx’s ailments, he did say that things were on the way for a brighter day and that there has been “a lot of progression.” Just a few days after TMZ shared a story in which an unidentified person close to Foxx asked his fanbase for prayers and well wishes, Hart said that the actor was definitely feeling the “love” and “energy”. Acknowledging that the celebrated star has “always been a private person,” Hart knows that he’s one of the lucky ones to have at least a sliver of insight into what’s been going on. 

Echoing his good pal Kevin Hart’s sentiments, Jamie Foxx shared his first Instagram post since his hospitalization just yesterday. Still not giving his followers any details into what has seemingly flipped his world upside down, the actor was nothing but gracious, thanking his fans for their outpour of support during his darkest days. Pushing the good vibes right back his way, not only did fans respond with well wishes, but a slew of celebrity pals, including Courteney Cox, Keenan Thompson, Mary J. Blige, Vin Diesel, and Ellen Degeneres also packed on the support.  

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Jamie Foxx in Django Unchained

Known for taking good care of his body and staying physically fit, it came as a shock to anyone who knows anything about Jamie Foxx when it was reported that he was sent to an Atlanta hospital following complications back in April. Smack dab in the middle of a project that will see him co-starring alongside Glenn Close and Cameron Diaz (which will be her first performance in years), it was gut-wrenching to know that Foxx was being pulled from the place he’s happiest to undergo whatever he’s going through. As of right now, it sounds like his stuntmen are picking up the pieces to allow filming to continue, so the project is still a go.

Meanwhile, production has already begun on the next season of the hit series, Beat Shazam, with both Jamie Foxx and Corrine Foxx (who DJs) not returning at this time. Instead, Nick Cannon will take the reins as the host with the most in the sixth season of the Fox game show.

While we may not know just how much Jamie Foxx is suffering in solitude, we’re certainly wishing him the best on his journey to get better. Echoing the sentiments of Kevin Hart, who wants his close pal to “get back home,” we’re hoping for a speedy and easy recovery that will not only see Foxx getting back to his normal life at home but also to the place where he shines the most – the movie sets of Hollywood – or in his latest case, Atlanta. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.