Jackass Star Taken To Rehab By Police Officers

One Jackass star has been escorted to rehab by the police.

By Apeksha Bagchi | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


Jackass star Bam Margera’s struggles with substance abuse don’t appear to be ending anytime soon. After his much-publicized tiff with Jackass 4 director Jeff Tremaine and Paramount Pictures (which is still ongoing) over getting fired from the project, Margera has now been taken to a Florida rehab facility by the police after Don CeSar Hotel in St Pete Beach placed a call to the authorities about an “emotionally distressed person.”

TMZ has reported that Bam Margera was escorted from the hotel by the police and taken to a Florida-based rehab facility in a police car. Though the Jackass actor wasn’t arrested, the police came forward to assist as Margera was in violation of a court order directing him to enter rehab. 

This is the latest development in the turbulent life of the actor who was recently kicked off from Jackass 4 after he had filmed a few scenes and stunts for the film. Once again, it was Bam Margera’s addiction issues that made him lose the film as he broke the most essential demand in his contract: to maintain his sobriety throughout the course of the production. Because of his past history with addiction and unpredictable behavior, when Margera signed the contract for Jackass 4, he was given a set of conditions he had to meet to remain a part of the project. These conditions included giving urine samples, blowing into a breathalyzer, other routine tests, regular appointments with a psychologist, etc. Apparently, he failed one or more of the conditions and was subsequently booted from the project, which has tried to bring back a majority of the original cast.  

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Bam Margera followed up his firing from Jackass 4 with a since-deleted 10-minute video on social media where he ranted about being removed from the much-anticipated sequel for being a “jackass.” In the video, he hinted at contemplating suicide, demanded his fans boycott the film and asked everyone to send him money so that he could compete against the film with his own project and “blow them out of the water.” The video in question was made by the actor under the influence of alcohol, something he admitted in the post.

Apparently, this was not the end of Bam Margera’s squabble with those concerned. Jackass 4 director Jeff Tremaine got a restraining order against the actor a few months ago as he was being harassed and threatened by him. Margera made death threats to Tremaine and Jackass co-star Johnny Knoxville and even threatened the director’s children and family. 

But Bam Margera has no plans of wrapping up his disagreements with the Jackass team. Recently, the actor filed a lawsuit against Paramount, Knoxville, Tremaine, and franchise producer Spike Jonze as he claims that he has been wrongfully fired from Jackass Forever. As reported by Variety, Margera has alleged that he was “coerced into signing a ‘wellness agreement’.” Then, as per the suit, he was wrongfully fired for violating the agreement after he tested positive for Adderall, which he takes by prescription to treat his attention deficit disorder.