Howard Stern Attacks Joe Rogan And The Internet Goes Nuts

Howard Stern is going after Joe Rogan, and the Internet is losing its mind!

By Tyler Pisapia | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

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Howard Stern is openly mocking Joe Rogan for taking ivermectin rather than getting vaccinated against COVID-19. 

After Joe Rogan ranted on his popular Spotify podcast about the media’s coverage of his announcement that he tested positive for COVID-19, Howard Stern went on his radio show to further bash Joe Rogan for promoting a bunch of unproven, non-FDA-recommended treatments rather than just getting the vaccine. 

Howard Stern mocked Joe Rogan, specifically, for taking ivermectin, a drug that has made the rounds among conspiracy theorists drawn to Rogan’s podcast who are coming up with reasons not to take the vaccines. The drug is used humans and also for animals such as horses to prevent parasites. While it is approved in the U.S. for limited use in treating people with parasitic worms, head lice and other skin conditions, the FDA is warning people that it has not been proven to help or prevent COVID-19. Still, conspiracy theorists spurred on by rhetoric like that of Joe Rogan’s continue to risk their health by self-medicating with ivermectin and may be suffering a slew of side effects. 

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Joe Rogan made it clear that he was given his doses of ivermectin by a doctor. However, that didn’t stop Howard Stern from noting that a doctor would have also given him the vaccine. He further mocked the podcaster by questioning why he would be surprised that people are making fun of him for taking a “horse dewormer,” according to Variety. Howard Stern went a step further and said that people who refuse the vaccine should not be admitted to a hospital when they inevitably contract COVID-19, deriding them as “idiots.” 

So far, Joe Rogan hasn’t responded to Howard Stern’s jabs. However, his cadre of followers was quick to take to Twitter and bash the SiriusXM host for promoting mandatory vaccines and daring to question Rogan, who has said as recently as April that he is “not a respected source of information” after catching backlash for outright telling his millions of podcast listeners they don’t “need” the vaccine if they’re healthy and exercise. Health experts note that it is still important to take the vaccine even if you’re asymptomatic or at low risk of hospitalization to help prevent the virus from spreading. 

Joe Rogan announced on Instagram earlier this month that he had tested positive for COVID-19 and began to feel symptoms such as fever and sweats. However, rather than use the opportunity to promote the vaccine or discuss the transmissibility of COVID-19, he further courted his conspiracy-minded audience by noting he had been taking ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, Z-pack antibiotics and a vitamin drip for the past three days and felt “great” after. Still, the lengths Rogan went to rather than just getting vaccinated provided fodder for critics like Howard Stern, which in turn deepened the divide between people who promote the vaccine, which the FDA has deemed safe, and people doing anything they can to avoid taking it by turning to unproven, potentially dangerous, alternate solutions like ivermectin.

Currently, there are people from both camps, Howard Stern and Joe Rogan, lobbing insults back and forth at one another as the pandemic continues to spread throughout the country, with breakthrough cases on the rise among even the vaccinated.