Heidi Klum Shows Off In Sexy Lace-Up Dress For New Posts

By David Harrison | 2 weeks ago

heidi klum

I don’t know about you, but I have a feeling that when most folks hit 50 years old, it’s starting to look mostly downhill on the physical side of things. But not Heidi Klum, no sir. The model and television host appears to be able to strut it like it’s two decades ago. And she has no issues showing it off either. That’s been the case with Klum over on Instagram where she posted some pics and videos of her rocking a lace-up dress that isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a bold statement and a sign that being 50 just isn’t what it used to be. 

The latest Heidi Klum post has her sporting a yellow Peter Dundas dress that she claims is her new favorite. Frankly, it’s really only part of a dress with a cast majority of one side of it covering absolutely nothing. But when you are Heidi Klum, that part doesn’t matter all that much. Having spent a career modeling designs that cover far, far less, this isn’t all that heavy a lift. Check out what Heidi Klum posted on Instagram

The Heidi Klum video, which went up less than a day ago, is sitting at just around 125,000 likes. Comments were shut off for the post, likely to keep the focus just on the dress and the proceedings at hand. It’s not the first time Klum has sported some brand on her timeline, giving shoutouts when the fashion mood strikes her. This one is no different, bringing attention to the designer Dundas who is one of the more popular guys out there in the space. He’s got a half-million followers of his own over on Instagram. 

Heidi Klum first came on the modeling scene back in the early mid-to-late 90s when she was among a group of Victoria’s Secret models who gained significant fame for their appearances for the iconic brand. She became about as well known a model as there is and parlayed that into a number of guest appearances on series and sitcoms, endorsement campaigns, and of course fashion label branding that netted her millions. 

And these days what she might not be doing in the modeling space is more than made up by the shows she’s appearing on. Heidi Klum has been a judge on America’s Got Talent for a decade now. There was a one-year break in there, but she was back when the show premiered over the summer. It was the competition’s 16th season and remains one of the more popular offerings on NBC. 

Heidi Klum is also the host and producer on the Amazon Prime show Making the Cut. The show pits different designers in challenges that are meant o showcase both their talents with the stitches and looks, but business sense as well. From this perspective, Klum has plenty to offer by way of advice. It’s an offshoot of her previous offering Project Runway and she hosts along with Tim Gunn. 

In all, Heidi Klum continues to show off the goods that got her here and she’s become one of the most successful people since starting on the runway.