Food Network Removes Episodes Featuring Host Under Fire For Sexist Comments

By Doug Norrie | 13 seconds ago

The Food Network has said they have taken down episodes from a former host after the latter was accused of making sexist comments regarding the new laws in Texas regarding abortion. According to Deadline, Josh Denny, the former host of Ginormous Food has made what some feel are off-color comments in recent days which have caused some to 

The original tweet from Josh Denny, that began to gain attention and had The Food Network respond had him making disparaging and sexist remarks about women. Under the context of the new Texas law which bans abortions after six weeks, Denny rang in with a take on social media that made his position, well, clear. Here was that original tweet:

This, obviously caused a significant online backlash with many calling into question Denny’s opinion. This led to The Food Network feeling the need to respond considering he had once been associated and employed by the network. Here is what they had to say by way of an “official” statement online. It is clear they are and have been working to distance themselves from Denny for some time now. 

Josh Denny, who used to host Ginormous Food on the Food Network has been vocal on social media over the last week or so when it comes to the new laws in Texas regarding abortions. Reading through his Twitter feed, it is clear he doesn’t intend on apologizing or backing down from any of his statements, instead leaning into them in his current dust-up with The Food Network. He even called out The Food Network specifically, saying that they could feel free to send him more money for all of the attention he has attracted for the station. He also labeled himself “cancel-proof” in this situation.

Ginormous Food ran for 24 episodes starting back in 2016. Josh Denny was the host and it involved him going across America looking for different food styles and interviewing folks regarding signature items. The comedian had an off-color brand of humor then which was part of the schtick. The Food Network has said that they removed episodes involving Denny some time ago when they were looking to distance themselves from his brand. This latest kerfuffle wasn’t the impetus for them removing the show, but they wanted to remind folks that they were no longer in the business of promoting his brand. 

In the world of cancel culture, it is always interesting to see where this kind of thing leads. The Food Network obviously has no intention of working with Josh Denny ever again and likely saw some of the writing on the way when it came to the comedian years ago. That is why they had taken down episodes of the show previously. He is currently the writer/ and creator of Next Week Tonight which is on and is the host of The Wake Up Call podcast as well. For his particular style and brand, this kind of backlash is likely exactly what he is looking for.