The Tiny Hacking Device Attacking iPhones Has No Fix

By April Ryder | Published

iPhone users beware! Techradar recently reported on an RF device called the Flipper Zero. The device is officially tagged as a “multi-tool device for geeks”, but it has recently been used as a tool of chaos for hackers looking to cause trouble for Apple users. 

Flipper Zero

flipper zero

The Flipper Zero is a small USB stick-like device. If you’re ever sitting in a public space and your iPhone starts going haywire, throwing up a massive influx of pop-up windows, then a Flipper Zero might be nearby. 

The device works by accessing your phone’s Bluetooth capabilities, and it can cause your phone to become nearly unusable and quite unstable. When your iPhone is being attacked by the device, your phone will constantly keep requesting access rights and rebooting on occasion. 

Lose All Access To iPhone Screen


So much so that you won’t have the ability to do anything else on the screen. The only way to stop it is to somehow get your Bluetooth to turn off, leave the area, or turn your phone off entirely. You’ll have to be out of range of the Flipper Zero to regain control of your screen. 

Though Flipper Zero’s website officially states that the device is purposed to act as a remote key or help in testing for cyber security weaknesses, the gadget has more recently been employed to complete more nefarious actions. 

Hacking Hotel Keys And Garage Doors

flipper zero

With any new tech device, you have to take note of the unintended manners of use, and Flipper Zero makers are now seeing those unintended manners of use come to light. Some users employ the device to change television channels in public places for a quick laugh. 

The device has also been used to clone hotel keys and remotely activate automatic garage doors. While a device like the Flipper Zero is not a new concept in cyber security, the concern is in the expanding abilities of this particular device, as it is now capable of affecting iPhones and iPads. 

Flipper Zero And RF Tech

flipper zero

In general RF enabler technology was never very strong/secure to begin with as there weren’t very many people who would care to even put in the effort to hack them.

However, the Flipper Zero device trivializes the processes of cracking RF technologies. 

With its ease of use, the Flipper Zero makes it easier for hobbyist hackers and low-level tinkerers to cause problems and disruption for smartphone users. The best defense you have as an Apple iPhone user is to keep your Bluetooth turned off in public areas (which isn’t very feasible sometimes). 

More Security Needed

Clearly, more dependable RF securities need to be brought to the tech table sometime soon, as hacking tools are becoming more and more capable of invasion.

Your cell phone is not nearly as secure as you would like to think it is, and the Flipper Zero is proof. 

WiFi And Bluetooth

It’s wise to remember that you’re opening yourself up for attack when you link to public Wi-Fi services or constantly keep your Bluetooth function activated on your phone.

It’s better to turn the Bluetooth on only when needed and utilize your cell service network before relying on a public Wi-Fi connection.

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