Chris Rock Slams Amber Heard As Totally Dishonest

Chris Rock did not mince words when he took the stage recently and let his opinions be known about the controversial Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Chris Rock is the newest celebrity to weigh in on the trial that has captured the attention of actors and fans alike. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been locked in a weeks-long trial that has continued to get even more grotesque and odd as both have been revealing some of their most private marital issues to the entire world, as the trial has been live cast on CourtTV. During a recent comedy show in London, Rock took the stage and laid out a joke that confirms how he sees this whole situation. According to the comic, “Believe all women, except Amber Heard.”

The joke has a lot of sting behind it, considering that Amber Heard allegedly tried to champion herself as the spokesperson for the #metoo movement. This fact was proposed in court, as Johnny Depp’s legal team accused Heard of releasing her op-ed piece in The Washington Post to levy favor amongst those who were deeply involved in the movement. They also claimed that Heard worked with the editors at the news site to publish the article when Aquaman was to hit theaters so that the film and her story would gain her much more publicity. None of this might hold any merit, considering both legal teams have been trying to slander both parties in the lawsuit, but the timing of the piece and her film coming out didn’t help Heard’s case. Chris Rock clearly saw an opening and took it.

That is not the only part of the bit that Chris Rock commented on, as he also joked heavily about the fact that it had been revealed in court that Amber Heard had allegedly defecated in the bed that belonged to her and Johnny Depp. That story was presented in court, much to the dismay of many people keeping up with this trial. Rock added, “She s*** in his bed! Once you s*** in someone‚Äôs bed, you just guilty of everything.” That is certainly one way to look at it. Most of the public opinion seemingly believes Johnny Depp, and that could be because Heard’s legal team keeps fumbling their case. One such way is that she was advised to blame the fecal matter on their dog. That factoid happened this morning with Heard taking the stand. Blaming something like that on the dog is not an excuse that many are going to believe.

Chris Rock and fellow comedian Bill Burr have both thrown out their support for Johnny Depp, or rather, Rock has told the world that Amber Heard simply cannot be trusted with anything that she has said in court. The idea behind the #metoo movement was to bring heightened awareness to the droves of women who had been sexually assaulted in some manner by horrible men in the world. The movement caused a ripple effect in Hollywood that has all but changed the landscape for women in the industry. However, it appears as if people could be cluing in to the fact that Amber Heard may not be telling the truth about what she has allegedly been put through. The defamation trial is ongoing and will likely not conclude until the end of the month. The real truth will be revealed to the world when the jury delivers its verdict.