Armie Hammer’s Ex-Wife Responds To Horrific Documentary

By Mark McKee | Published

Armie Hammer has a Hollywood story filled with success, intrigue, horror, betrayal, and a spectacular fall from grace. On the latter piece, there is now a documentary chronicling some of the seemingly horrible things that went into his fall from fame. Now, according to Variety, his long silent ex-wife is ready to comment on a documentary chronicling everything, calling it “heartbreaking on so many levels.” 

Elizabeth Chambers was married to Armie Hammer for ten years and had two children with him. Apparently, she has done everything she could to shield them from what is happening to their father in the very public eye.

Over Labor Day weekend, a three-part documentary series titled House of Hammer was released to document all of the allegations against Armie Hammer and investigate their merits. Chambers said she had avoided watching it, but one day dropped the kids off at school and binged the three parts while surrounded by her support system. 

House of Hammer reveals the allegations made about Armie Hammer in uncomfortable detail. In one part, he told a girl he would come over to her home and incapacitate her, referring to a girl as his slave. He then would decide when she would eat and when she would sleep, and calling himself a cannibal, confessing he wanted to eat them.

The documentary doesn’t stop with Hammer and his alleged treatment of the women in his life. One of his aunts claims the men in the family as a whole are monsters, saying she wasn’t surprised that Armie Hammer was facing these kinds of allegations. She alleges the men in his family are experts in deceit, betrayal, and corruption. 

When asked if Chambers was surprised by anything in the documentary, she responded that she was, and that was to be expected. The ex-wife of Armie Hammer also revealed that the filmmakers behind the documentary had indeed reached out for her involvement, but she refused, saying all that mattered during the process were the kids and their family, and her involvement was not in line with the goals.

Predictably, she also has not shown the documentary about their father to her children, saying it is not appropriate for them at this time. 

As for Armie Hammer, well while that career was taking off with roles in huge shows like Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives, he was well on his way to being one of the biggest stars in Hollywood with roles opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in J. Edgar, alongside Johnny Depp in Lone Ranger, linked up with Henry Cavill in The Man From U.N.C.L.E., and most recently with Gal Gadot in Death on the Nile.

In the last few years, that career has plummeted due to sexual abuse allegations from numerous former partners. Armie Hammer’s last movie appearance was in Death on the Nile, the Agatha Christie sequel to Murder on the Orient Express, and even that film considered trying to remove as much of him as possible, but he appeared in the movie and since has seemingly disappeared from view.

While he has gotten some support in Hollywood from other actors, it is difficult to feel sympathy for Hammer if any of the allegations are real, instead, the sympathy goes to his wife and children. The one thing Elizabeth Chambers has done that she didn’t have to do was stay quiet when she could have turned even more of the media and fans against him.