See Armie Hammer Documentary Reveal Shocking Allegations Against Actor

Armie Hammer has been accused of some harrowing sexual assault claims that will now be detailed in a new docuseries that show the horrific life of the Hammer family.

By James Brizuela | Published

armie hammer

For those who have not been keeping up with the severe allegations of Armie Hammer, the actor has been in some serious trouble for quite a long time. He was accused of strong sexual misconduct that included harassment, assault, and sexual cannibalism. These allegations led to the actor being let go by plenty of studios and had allegedly forced him to retreat to the Cayman Islands, where he was reportedly working as a timeshare salesman. Now, a family member from the Hammer lineage, and his ex-girlfriends are going into detail about these wild allegations in a new docuseries called House of Hammer. You can see the trailer below:

The wild trailer further indicates the charges that had been brought against Armie Hammer are true. One of his ex-girlfriends reveals the harrowing text messages and voice messages the actor left her. Another of his exes also talks about being tied up with ropes and crying while she allowed the man to do whatever he pleased. Also, a surprising family member is going to be at the center of the docuseries as well. Casey Hammer, Armie’s aunt, will be detailing all the horrific past torments that the family engaged in. She even states that the family “made a deal with the devil.”

Armie Hammer had apparently entered a rehabilitation center after the allegations of his sexual assault were brought to the public. From there, he had apparently moved to the Cayman Islands, likely because he had been broke from losing out on every single movie part he had going for him. Surprisingly, Armie has held an ally in all this. Robert Downey Jr. had reportedly been keeping Armie in his home and helping the man through these times when his public image is completely ruined. This new House of Hammer series is likely not going to make Armie’s life any better. However, these allegations are grotesque, so should the man be absolved of any of these allegations?

These strong allegations warranted an investigation into Armie Hammer by the LAPD. We are not entirely sure if that investigation is still underway, but this new series might just be opening the investigation further, with police looking deeper into the seriousness of the women’s testimonies that are made on House of Hammer. Armie might be canceled for the foreseeable future, especially after this new series debuts.

One of the most severe and sickening allegations has to do with Armie Hammer being accused of sexual cannibalism. That fact is detailed more in the above trailer, and that was something that led to the actor seeking help at a facility. He claims that he wants to bite one of the exes, and even goes as far as claiming that he is a cannibal. This new series might be a bit too frightening to watch.

House of Hammer premieres on Discovery+ on September 2nd. This new docuseries will detail the corruption and torrid lives of everyone in the Hammer family, including the sickening allegations made against Armie Hammer. Anyone who happens to be squeamish might not want to see the details of what Armie’s ex-girlfriends have to say.