Amber Heard Poses As A Militant Feminist In Latest Post

By Erika Hanson | 4 weeks ago

amber heard

Even amid battling her ex in a widely public divorce, Amber Heard is unwavering from her beliefs. A look at her official Instagram account gives the persona that the Aquaman actress is unphased by what the rest of the world may think of her. But even amid the seemingly never-ending battle with her ex, Johnny Depp, she still manages to add in ambiguous messages for her 4 million Instagram fans (and foes). And this time around, Heard doubles down on her feministic approach to life.

See the Amber Heard photo for yourself below:

Amber Heard’s post was simple but made a statement. Appearing in a dark military band jacket lined in gold, the 35-year-old actress posted a throwback Thursday picture for her Instagram followers with the caption, “Militant feminist throwback”. Looking gorgeous as ever, Amber Heard poses for the camera, hands in pocket, on a sunny day. The post has already received over 100,000 likes, but due to Heard’s post settings, comments have been turned off. And it’s probably best the actress keep her settings that way, as boasting yourself as being a militant, or radical feminist amidst the heat of an ongoing battle with Johnny Depp likely wouldn’t go over well with the internet. 

Amber Heard is no stranger to the feminist movement. While most of the world still battles over who the innocent party is in her tumultuous break with Johnny Depp, Heard has taken the attention garnished from her abuse accusations and rallied behind feminist movements. It all stems from 2017 when Heard finalized her divorce with the Pirates of the Caribbean actor and claimed he had been physically abusive during the couple’s short-lived marriage. Heard would go on in 2018 to write an op-ed for the Washington Post detailing how her accusations against her ex and speaking out against domestic abuse led to much of the media turning on her. Johnny Depp responded to Amber Heard’s op-ed suing her for defamation, also claiming that she was actually the abusive one in the relationship. This case is scheduled to go to trial in Fairfax County, Virginia in April 2022.

The public’s scrutiny on Amber Heard’s marriage to Johnny Depp seems to pull in different ways. Many supporters of Depp have been calling for the cancellation of the Aquaman actress with some even reportedly boycotting Warner Bros. simply because they would not fire Heard from the DC Extended Universe. But on the other hand, Heard has acquired the support of many feministic activists who believe Heard is the victim of a misogynistic culture. High-profile feminists like Cherie Blair, the barrister, and wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair have spoken in support of Heard’s testaments over the years. 

On the other hand, some feminists were outraged at Amber Heard. Seemingly taking the side of Depp and believing her allegations false, many women believe that Heard’s public outcry on the matter only hurts feminist movements such as #metoo. While Heard and Depp are surely ramping up for their upcoming battle in the courtroom, you can catch up on every detail surrounding the bizarre case in the upcoming two-episode documentary announced to be in the works and coming soon to Discovery.