Amber Heard Investigation Now Includes The FBI

Amber Heard seems to be having quite a tough time in court these days, and now she might be under investigation for an incident from 2015, which might warrant FBI assistance.

By James Brizuela | Published

amber heard

Amber Heard is finding herself in a bit more legal trouble than just losing her case to ex-husband Johnny Depp. It is now being reported that Heard is being investigated by the Australian government after she brought her two dogs into the country illegally. While bringing pets along with you on a trip or vacation isn’t illegal, not doing the right paperwork with them in mind certainly is. Australia has strict quarantine laws and any animals brought into the country must be quarantined for 10 days. Heard checked the box “no” which would have indicated the dogs were with her. Now, the FBI seems to be working with the Australian government to investigate this matter further.

This investigation was brought on by Amber Heard while in court. She had brought up the incident where Johnny Depp had stated he received a nearly severed finger from a bottle that Heard threw at him, which happened in Australia. This was coupled with the actress claiming that Depp was responsible for bringing the dogs into the country, leaving them to nearly get euthanized. However, Australia’s Department of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment DAWE is now going after Heard for perjury. The agency claims that she lied while under oath during the defamation trial after she claimed back in 2016 that the mess up on the paperwork was her fault due to sleep deprivation and jet lag. Australia has an active FBI office in Canberra that could be working in tandem with U.S. authorities to validate Heard’s claims.

According to a retired FBI agent and attorney, Bobby Chacon, “Part of their [Canberra office] mission is liaison and assistance, so if the Australians needed something from here in the U.S., they would certainly contact the FBI’s Australia office and the FBI would likely assist.” Amber Heard had agreed to falsifying documents, avoiding conviction, though she might be in a bit more trouble now. The DAWE is likely going to go after Heard for perjury in relation to the comments made about why she had illegally snuck her dogs into the country.

Amber Heard is currently involved in attempting to get the verdict from the defamation lawsuit thrown out. Heard’s legal team claimed that there had been a “fake juror” planted and Johnny Depp lost his part in Pirates due to his own issues and not her op-ed piece. However, it appears as if that might prove to be difficult considering the presiding judge in the trial, Judge Penney Azcarate¬†stated that she has no intention of scheduling more hearings and that Heard’s legal team would have to file motions through the court to possibly get the decision appealed. With Heard being investigated by the Australian government and with FBI assistance, she may have to switch her gears and clear those issues up first before trying to get her loss to Depp overturned.

Amber Heard might just be in a situation where she needs to just take her losses and move on. The issue is that most have assumed she can’t afford to pay the $10.35 million hefty price tag in damages to Johnny Depp, hence the appeal. However, she might be in a lot more trouble for illegally sneaking her dogs into a country that does now allow such things to happen, which might end up so much worse for her.