Alyssa Milano’s Nude Scenes: Where You Can See Them, How Her Dad Reacted With Approval

Alyssa Milano is now known as an activist, but her early career was largely focused on doing nude scenes in movies.

By Rick Gonzales | Updated

From Who’s The Boss to Melrose Place to Charmed, actress Alyssa Milano has made a name for herself on some of TV’s most popular shows. She went from the small screen to the big screen and back again with ease, always seeming to find work. Early on Alyssa Milano nude scenes were her calling card.

Here’s why she did nudity, how she got there, and what she’s doing now.

How Alyssa Milano Made Nude Scenes Her Calling Card

Alyssa Milano getting nude
Alyssa Milano begins a nude scene in Poison Ivy 2

Alyssa Milano was a child star, but when she grew up she wanted to get away from her cute kid persona as fast as possible. Quickest way to do that? Get naked on film, and often.

Alyssa Milano transitioned from her child star TV career to a movie career by doing nude scenes, starting off with the 1995 movie Embrace Of The Vampire. At the time she was 20 years old.

Embrace of the Vampire
Alyssa Milano in Embrace of the Vampire

Embrace of the Vampire featured numerous topless scenes and other kinds of nudity, and it seemed to work out for her. So Alyssa Milano moved forward in Hollywood towards becoming that girl who does nude scenes in movies.

Next up Alyssa Milano was nude in a movie called Deadly Sins. Released the same year, Deadly Sins went the Catholic schoolgirl route toward titillating viewers. The movie featured more of the by-now-expected Alyssa Milano nudity of Embrace of the Vampire, but also landed her in a lesbian love-making scene.

Alyssa Milano lesbian
Alyssa Milano tied up in Deadly Sins

Milano continued on that course for Poison Ivy 2, a sequel to a moderately popular, R-rated softcore porn movie. Released in 1996 when Milano was 21, Poison Ivy 2 managed to eclipse the performance of the original, no doubt buoyed by the cover’s promise of Alyssa Milano in compromising situations that might lead to nude scenes.

Alyssa Milano pre-nude scene
Alyssa Milano in Poison Ivy 2

America was initially shocked to discover that the cute kid from Who’s The Boss? was doing softcore Skinemax-style movies, but Milano seemed undeterred.

Alyssa Milano’s nude in movies career ended in 1997 with the release of Below Utopia. The movie co-starred Justin Theroux and Ice-T and took and made more of an attempt to be a serious film than her previous outings. Still, Alyssa Milano willingly signed up to do more nude scenes in the film.

Alyssa Milano nude Below Utopia
Alyssa Milano in Below Utopia

Soon after she began to be more careful about when she took her clothes off. Alyssa Milano enacted a nudity policy which she told FHM about in 2001, “I have major clauses in my contract saying if I choose to do nudity, I have editing and angle approval or I won’t do it. You have to. The production companies own those rolls of film, and they need to back us up a little bit more, or it’ll wind up that no one wants to do nudity. It seems to be going that way already.”

Why Alyssa Milano Did Nudity

Alyssa Milano Nude Why

So why was Alyssa Milano nude in so many of her early movies? An interview she did with FHM in 2001 offers some clues. There Milano said…

“I think we’re in a time when everyone’s afraid to be naked or have sex. But I was raised with it being beautiful.”

Alyssa Milano, FHM

Apparently, Alyssa Milano was raised by borderline nudists. She was raised in a family that was comfortable being naked around each other. She said in that same FHM interview, “I guess I don’t have the issues… because my parents were ’60s parents. They went to Woodstock, and it was very free and open in my house. My mom walked around naked, although my dad was always a little bit more like, ‘My God, I have a daughter now.’ But, you know, there were copies of Playboy in the house, and it wasn’t like nudity was ugly or weird or bad.”

Her comfort with nudity continued into adulthood and off-screen. She revealed in the interview…

“You can look at a naked body, and to me, there’s something very natural and beautiful. That’s why I garden topless. I’ll be in my garden, you know, just being natural.”

Alyssa Milano, FHM

Becoming, for a while, a Skinemax star known for nudity did have an impact on her life. She had problems with stalkers, kinky fain mail, and other creepy fan issues.

She says, “I have weird things, but I have an understanding with my security people, which is, “Call my mother, tell her what’s going on and if she thinks it is important, she’ll tell me.” I don’t want to live my life in fear. There have been a couple of situations when people have tracked me down, and the FBI got involved. My mother called and said, “There’s going to be a security guard parked outside your house for the next couple of days. Go out and say hello.”

Her family remained supportive of Alyssa Milano’s decision to do nudity. She says, “No, they’ve seen every single thing and there’s never been any embarrassment. They look at it as part of what I do for a living. It’s not like my dad would say, “Boy, in that love scene you were great.” We won’t talk about the nudity. He knows it doesn’t make me a bad person, you know?”

Alyssa Milano’s Life Is On Instagram Now

In 2009 Alyssa Milano married CAA agent David Bugliari. They have two kids together. Their son was born in 2011 and their daughter was born in 2014.

The couple and their kids now live together on a small farm in Bell Canyon, CA where in addition to raising the kids, they’re raising horses, chickens, rabbits, and a few dogs.

And she has no problem posting family shots whenever the mood strikes, and it strikes quite a bit. The actress has used her social media for various types of activism (some of which has led to controversy), but it’s also there for the fun things as well.

Before all of this, Alyssa Milano gained fame for coming on the scene as a bona fide child star.

How She Gained Fame From Who’s The Boss

Alyssa Milano child star

Milano’s career started early and with a bang. She won the role as Tony Danza’s daughter, Samantha Miceli, in the sitcom Who’s The Boss which began in 1984 and had a very strong and impressive eight-year run.

As she finished her first season of the hit TV show, Milano then got the part in the Arnold Schwarzenegger film Commando, playing his kidnapped daughter. Not a bad way to start an acting career.

During her eight years on Who’s The Boss, Alyssa Milano was also seen in a number of made-for-TV movies and was even part of the Who’s The Boss spin-off Living Dolls. While she was only in two of the show’s short-lived 12 episodes, the series was notable for starring Michael Learned from The Waltons fame, a young Leah Remini (The King of Queens) and in her very first role: Halle Berry. Unfortunately, the series lasted one season before it got the ax.

Alyssa Milano Begins Her Movie Career

Alyssa Milano nude for Poison Ivy
Alyssa Milano before her nude scene in Poison Ivy 2

Alyssa Milano continued to work throughout the ’90s, taking on both big and small screen roles. She found herself in the movie adaption of the popular video game Double Dragon and immediately followed that up with one of her more controversial roles in Embrace of the Vampire, where she did her first nude scene.  

Nude Scene

In Embrace of the Vampire she plays a college student who falls victim to and is seduced by a vampire. Alyssa Milano shed her Who’s The Boss little kid persona as she shows much more than her pretty face in this movie deciding to do nudity.

Alyssa Milano nude poison ivy 2
Alyssa Milano in Poison Ivy II

Alyssa Milano continued on the path of more adult-oriented movies as she was seen naked again Deadly Sins and even more naked in the sequel movie Poison Ivy II.

These roles led her to her TV role on the steamy night-time soap opera Melrose Place, where she starred in the series’ final two seasons. Since it was TV, Alyssa Milano nudity was not required. It looked like Alyssa Milano’s goal to put her sweet Samantha Miceli character firmly in her rearview was complete.

On Charmed

Charmed cast

Alyssa Milano’s career continued to roll along as she pulled in yet one more big TV series when she was cast as one of three sisters, who happen to be witches, on the series Charmed.

The series starred Holly Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty as Milano’s sisters but was also known for bringing in actress Rose McGowan as the sisters’ younger half-sister after Doherty’s character was killed off. This is notable in the fact that years later, McGowan and Alyssa Milano would have some words.

On The Netflix Series Insatiable

Alyssa Milano now

Alyssa Milano’s career, when it comes to acting, has been nothing short of steady. She continues to work in Hollywood, still filming the occasional TV movie, but mainly getting work on various TV series.

She was in the short-lived Romantically Challenged, another short-lived series Mistresses, and was seen in the recently canceled Netflix series Insatiable. Early in her career a title like “Insatiable” would have been a cue for another Alyssa Milano nude scene, but she’s changed since then.

While the projects Milano has been a part of haven’t had the long-lasting ability of Who’s the Boss or Charmed, now 47-year-old Alyssa Milano continues searching for that next hit.

Alyssa Milano And #MeToo

While Alyssa Milano has been very active in Hollywood, she has also made a name (good or bad) as a political activist. Alyssa is a staunch Democrat who loves a fight and will go anywhere for something she believes.

Taking a step into the political area has gotten Alyssa into frequent hot water. It’s true that Tarana Burke began the grassroots movement we know as #MeToo, but it was Alyssa Milano’s Twitter campaign that truly moved it to the forefront.

It was also Milano’s Twitter that her former co-star Rose McGowan recently jumped on to attack her, though the Tweet was deleted.

All this came to be when Alyssa Milano came out in support of Joe Biden against Tara Reade’s accusations of sexual misconduct. Milano, for her part, tried to take the high road…

This controversy doesn’t seem like it will go away any time soon. What direction it will take Milano remains to be seen. She continues to be a presence in both Hollywood and the political area, and her past doing nude scenes for questionable movies seems to have been no obstacle.

Does Alyssa Milano have higher aspirations than her activism? Her work in D.C. seems to show she does. Regardless of her controversy with McGowan, Milano continues to work actively in both in Hollywood and D.C while raising two kids.

Standing Up For Jennifer Lopez

Alyssa Milano has never been shy to state what she believes to be true. Whether you agree with the things she says or you don’t, you at least have to admire the fact that Milano continues to have a voice.

Thankfully, for better or for worse, that does not appear to be changing in her near future. Recently Milano shared a tweet backing Jennifer Lopez’s Netflix documentary, Halftime, and the bashing JLo has taken since its airing.

When she isn’t tweeting in defense of someone, she is tweeting and attacking. Her latest attack came against the Republican “plan that could put Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block every 5 years.”

When Milano isn’t expressing her views, she continues to find work in Hollywood. In 2020, Milano filmed the movie You Are My Home. Last year she was seen in the mini-series The Now opposite Dave Franco, Daryl Hannah, Jimmy Tatro, and Bill Murray. Up next for Milano is Brazen and Who Are You People. She is also putting together a film (which she is writing and starring in) called Alyssa Milano for Mayor.

One new project that Milano is very excited about is called Things I’m Seeing Without You. The series will come from A+E Studios and will be directed by Oscar-winning director Peter Farrelly.

What makes this project a little different for Milano is the fact that she won’t be in front of the camera for it but instead she will write the series. She posted the news on her Twitter account.

Alyssa Milano’s Nude Scene Past Means She Doesn’t Let Her Kids Watch

@alyssa_milano #answer to @c.h.fortenberry #Charmed #Brazen #FYP #qanda #FY #ForYouPage ♬ How Soon Is Now? (2011 Remaster) – The Smiths

Although Alyssa Milano has enjoyed success in front of the camera, some of her material could be called risqué. Much of Alyssa Milano’s early career was spent doing nude scenes.

As a mom with two young children, Milano sometimes finds herself in a position where she has to choose what material of hers her children can see. You can cross Charmed off that list. The 49-year-old actress took to TikTok to answer a fans question about her popular series and if her children have seen it.

“No, they have not seen Charmed yet, my children,” Milano answered. “For many reasons, one of which, I kiss a lot of guys on Charmed. So many guys that are not their dads. So many guys, so no.”

Milano then went on to say she did let her 7-year-old daughter Bella watch the trailer for Brazen and it was because of how her daughter responded to that that she decided Charmed was off-limits.

“Also, I let Bella watch the trailer of Brazen, because obviously I wouldn’t let her watch the movie, but I let her watch the trailer, and she said, ‘Mommy, I can tell you were fakin’ that kiss,’ which I think she was calling me a bad actress,” she shared with her fans.

“The other reason, she is seven, and all she wants to wear are belly tops,” Milano continued. “That’s without seeing Charmed. And I’m constantly like, ‘No, you don’t want to wear a belly top.’ So, could you imagine after she watches Charmed, when she’s like, ‘Mommy, you wore belly tops!’