Alexandra Daddario Embraces Her Natural Beauty In Bedtime Video Post

Alexandra Daddario took to her Instagram page to show off what she looks like without all her makeup on and showcases her natural beauty.

By James Brizuela | Updated

Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario is one of the most beautiful women on the planet, and her newest social media post proves that fact even more. She recently posted a time-lapse video on her Instagram page that shows what her routine is when she winds down after a presumably long day. The video is shown in three parts as she arrives in what appears to be a hotel room. It could be her home as well, but that is not the point. Daddario enters a brightly lit bathroom of sorts and begins to undo her hair. After her hair comes down in what seems to be an already difficult task, she then begins to remove all her makeup. The final quick moment of the time-lapse shows her smiling and embracing her natural beauty. Well done. You can see the videos below:

Quite honestly, those who wear makeup every day must engage in this ballet of emotions in the same way that Alexandra Daddario has. Having the want to consistently do your makeup then take it off in this manner seems like a draining process. We salute you. It’s quite pleasing to be able to see a celebrity embrace their natural looks and show them to the world on their own terms. Usually, we only get this side of those who are famous when publications like TMZ catch celebrities coming off a long plane ride or some such instance. Daddario wanted to completely show the world what it was like to see her without makeup and ready for bed. That is something that we all engage in every day. Sometimes getting ready for bed is the best part of the day, especially if that day is jam-packed with errands and such.

Alexandra Daddario is certainly enjoying quite a bit of excitement as of late. She is fresh off a great role in The While Lotus, which airs on HBO. Also, just days ago, she was cast as the lead in the brand-new Mayfair Witches series for AMC and AMC+. This new series is based on the books from famed author Anne Rice. Daddario will take on the role of the brilliant doctor, Rowan, who must come to terms with the fact that she is the heir of a family full of witches. This will be the second series that is being adapted from Anne Rice’s novels. A new Interview with the Vampire series is on its way to AMC as well.

It is refreshing that Alexandra Daddario is showing a different side of herself to the world via her social media channel. The caption about everyone partying, while she goes to bed, is something that a lot of adults experience all the time. Sometimes we have early mornings and a ton of responsibilities to take care which means we should be in bed early too. We all may not look as good as she does while letting our hair down and removing makeup and whatever else we do in our nighttime ritual, but thanks for the reminder that adulting still exists in the world of glitz and glamour.