Red Letter Media Asks Every Prometheus Question All At Once

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Prometheus has been out for a few days and has already taken in an impressive $148 million box office worldwide. A lot of people have seen Prometheus (I’ve actually seen it twice), but as popular as it is now, it’s also one of the most polarizing movies of 2012. It’s currently holding a 73% “Fresh” rating on RottenTomatoes.com with a “B” general audience Cinema Score. Simply put, some people love it and some people hate it (or at least very disappointed by it).

Red Letter Media, the people behind the infamous Internet takedown videos of the Star Wars prequel trilogy (a series of videos I highly recommend) have taken on Ridley Scott’s Prometheus by asking, literally, every lingering question about the film. Watch…

In four minutes, Mike Stoklasa, the co-host of Red Light Media’s video review show Half In The Bag, asks Jay Bauman, the other host of the show, practically every question about Prometheus’ plot, character motivations, deeper meaning and, more importantly, what was that black goo? In true Prometheus spirit all of these questions are left unanswered.

The four-minute video is just a tease to their longer 24-minute video review show, where they discuss Prometheus in-depth. This is actually one of the more interesting conversations about the film itself. It dives deep without making knee-jerk or hyperbolic responses to the film. They actually take the time to address each issue they had with the film and give it as much consideration as necessary. It’s refreshing to watch, considering the state of the Internet.


  1. Freeway says:

    Why did the “original engineer” drink the goo on Earth at the beginning? Did he know it would kill him? Why were the space ship designs different (the one that came to Earth was completely circular)? Was there yet another species we are not aware of? How was there an accident simultaneously on all the ships? Did they keep coming back over and over again to Earth (Designs everywhere)?

  2. dude mcbroseph says:

    Why does everyone assume he was on earth in the beginning? what if he was drinking it on the alien planet and caused all that aweful shit to happen and kill them all? the circular ship left, could have been the only ones to make it out, except for the engineer left in stasis?

  3. That Guy says:

    They lost all credibility when they called the original Alien ‘a slasher movie in space’.

  4. Andrew Reese says:

    I’m really more curious how it ties in with what happened in LV426. How did that engineer get infected? Facehugger? I mean it could be a parallel evolution where the creatures evolved to look alike, but from different forms. Hence the similar but different showing.

  5. Craig Stitt says:

    @ Freeway… Prometheus sucked and almost all of the questions proposed above are left unanswered, with no suggestion or reason as to ‘why’ or ‘what’… but there not EVERYTHING should be hand-fed to you. Ready for some hand feeding.. The Engineer that drank the crap on Earth KNEW it was going to kill him, but it was going to breakdown and spread his/their DNA across the entire planet, which is why they came to Earth the first time. The ship was a different ship, because, just like us, we have different vehicles for different purposes. The one at the beginning of the movie had a different purpose then the horseshoe shaped ships that are WEAPONS TRANSPORTS.
    Now this next part is just me guessing, but the reason they ‘put us’ on Earth, was not out of wanting to spread their DNA across the Galaxy, and they did not ‘change their minds’ when coming to kills us, but instead, they ‘made us’ as to have a ‘test planet’ in order to deploy, and perfect their biological weapons. They didn’t change their minds, they were just moving on to “phase two” of the testing… when all hell broke lose one the ships.
    The movie does have countless holes and asks needless questions, but as I said before, somethings did make sense and shouldn’t have to be spoon-fed to the audience. That said, Red Letter Media just scratches the surface of all the stuff that just does not make any sense (particularly the guy… who they mistakenly said was a biologist, but if I remember right, the reason he left was he said he was a geologist and wanted NOTHING to do with aliens, DEAD OR ALIVE) Which he then proves by later running AWAY from an unknown life reading, BUT, then gets all warm and cuddly with a scary ass tentacle. NO, that is when he should have run away as fast as possible.