Japanese Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer May Confirm The Movie’s Villain And All Our Worst Fears

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We’ve all been speculating for months now over who the villain in Star Trek Into Darkness might be and the film’s first trailer, released moments ago does a good job of keeping the film’s bad guy a secret.

But the movie’s Japanese trailer spills everything.

The Japanese version of the first Star Trek Into Darkness trailer is nearly identical to the one being released everywhere else, except for an additional scene at the end which basically spoils the identity of Benedict Cumberbatch’s character. If you don’t want to know, don’t play the following video and leave this page now.

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So there you have it. The villain Benedict Cumberbatch is playing in Star Trek Into Darkness is indeed Khan. More than that, they also seem to be remaking Spock’s death scene from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. How do we know? Because of this:

That screenshot, taken from the Japanese trailer, is basically a shot for shot remake of Spock’s death scene in Wrath of Khan and the narration around it could be construed as a round about reference to Spock’s “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” speech, given to Kirk as the friends say goodbye.

Here’s the full, heart-wrenching Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan scene they’re so callously referencing…

I guess there’s always a tiny chance here that JJ Abrams is just screwing with us, but it’s pretty unlikely. That kind of bait and switch would be flat out bad marketing. Even if Abrams wanted to do it, I can’t believe the Paramount suits who have invested millions in the project would let him.

If this were just a massive redirection, then I could be convinced to believe that Cumberbatch is actually playing an original series villain named Garth of Izar. The narration fits Garth precisely, since he was an insane but brilliant starship captain sentence to an asylum. Garth views his fellow inmates as his family and would indeed have cause to return to Earth seeking vengeance… which seems to fit what’s going on in the trailer.

Other elements in it seem to suggest that this could be a redo of the Original Series Star Trek episode, “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. If that’s what they’re doing, then Benedict Cumberbatch would be playing Gary Mitchell, a man gifted with godlike powers. This image, sent in by GFR reader Michael Large seems to lend credibility to that theory. It compares Alice Eve in the trailer to Dr. Elizabeth Dehner in “Where No Man Has Gone Before”…

Of course, nearly everything in the trailer could be applied to Khan as well and since we have that Wrath of Khan clue at the end I’m inclined to believe Abrams isn’t screwing with us. It just wouldn’t make sense to build a marketing campaign based on a lie that big. This means the rumors are now almost certainly true: They’re redoing Khan and oh maybe they’re killing Spock again while they’re at it. I’m sure they’ll put some sort of different twist on it, maybe they’ll even find a way to explain why Khan is now a white man (though probably not). It doesn’t matter. It’s still Khan. To me that means rebooting Star Trek was never about telling new and exciting stories in the Star Trek universe, it was really about cashing in on the popularity of the old ones, by doing them all over again. I guess this trailer is their confession.

What do you think? Does this trailer confirm that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Khan? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. shickadelio says:

    I do think it’s a half nod. With this being a new timeline, it seems to imply that no matter who dies and when, Kirk and Spock would always show deep despair. It’s more of a symbolism of their relationship, with a nod.

  2. Here’s my take on it.

    We “know” from the comic series that Gary Mitchell appears. He becomes “godlike” and is secured in some sort of lock-down on the Enterprise. In a last moment of humanity, he and Kirk exchange the “hand pressing” which DOES resemble Spock’s death scene (I believe intentionally so). He then escapes and is eventually tracked down and “killed” by Kirk.

    Alas, it is hard to kill a god. He returns in Act II, seeking revenge, and Kirk must kill him once again, this time for good.

    Or, maybe he is Khan. But does Guy Cumberbatch really look like a Khan Noonian Singh to anybody?

  3. shickadelio says:

    That being said, I think it’s Mitchell, all the way. Garth would be awesome, don’t get me wrong, but Cumberbatch nor his character come across as old enough to be a distinguished Starfleet captain.

  4. Kschreibs says:

    Will everyone stop saying that it couldn’t possibly be Khan because the Enterprise hasn’t had first contact with the Botany Bay yet! Or that he Khan hasn’t been marooned on Alpha Ceti 5 so he wouldn’t care about vengeance This series takes place in an alternate timeline where another federation ship could have picked up the Botany Bay and Khan could of overpowered the crew and returned to Earth to get revenge for being exiled at the end of the eugenics war. Even in the trailer it appears that the crew of the Enterprise is fighting a wet haired Cumberbatch (possibly after being unfrozen by the enterprise crew) in an old dilapidated setting, which very well could be the Botany Bay. Also if you think it can’t be Khan it’s even more unlikely that Cumberbatch is Gary Mitchell, he already died in the Star Trek comic which is official canon for the new Star Trek movie. Remember that the writers of the movie also write the comics, and they’ve said in past interviews that the comics should be taken as official canon. I am the biggest Khan fan of all time and I would personally take offense if they screwed up his character, but I’m more than willing to see a new interpretation of the character as long as they keep his original character traits alive and well.

  5. Kyle Baker says:

    I think if it IS Khan, I’ll destroy EVERYTHING made by JJ Abrams. To continually twist classic movies into a “modern” movie is disgraceful at best. Heresy at worst. Why is it that no one can come up with an original movie anymore??

  6. Alec Grimes says:

    I’M HOPING IT ISN’T khan ! Eventhough I immensly enjoyed the alternate universe JJ and crew has created, I was hoping for an original villian and story, and not a recycled villian…whoever it turns out to be. I would not take much stock into the last shot with spock touching someone’s hand. Is it kirk ? If you look at the sleeve…the sleeve is black. Spock is standing outside the glass and isn’t slumped against it as if he is inside. If it is kirk, that would be one hell of a twist. I am thinking it might be Pike who just brought it and is saying farewell to his former first officer.
    The teaser does look great, including the beautiful lady screaming her lungs out. I hope whatever story they are telling here…I hope it ends with a cliff hanger.

  7. Defendprivacy says:

    I think Khan speculation is premature. The Spock death scene was from “Wrath”, while the trek uninverse reboot would mean the Enterprise crew would encounter Khan as he was in “Space Seed”. Gary Mitchell would be a possibility except the timelines are completely out of sync from what made Mitchell a threat. Until he is effected by energy at the galactic rim as a crew member, he is just an average character with no significant back story. My money is on Garth of Izar. The timeline is correct, the backstory easily crosses Trek 1 and Trek reboot universes, and the appearance of Bruce Greenwood in the trailer is a hint since Pike and Garth were contemporaries. Everything else is misdirection.

  8. Destuct26 says:

    The new timeline is a variation of the original series/movie lines, as said by Quinto’s Spock:
    Spock: You’re assuming that Nero knows how events are predicted to unfold. The contrary, Nero’s very presence has altered the flow of history, beginning with the attack on the U.S.S. Kelvin, culminating in the events of today, thereby creating an entire new chain of incidents that cannot be anticipated by either party.
    Lt. Nyota Uhura: An alternate reality.
    Spock: Precisely. Whatever our lives might have been, if the time continuum was disrupted, our destinies have changed.
    Shatner’s Kirk fought death for years, while in this reboot, Pine’s Kirk has dealt with it early on, to make those sacrifices, like his father did, altering his “I-don’t-believe-in-no-win-scenarios” point of view.
    Robert Orci recently said “No remakes, no rehashes.”
    But make no mistake, this is an alternate timeline of events that by scientific theory, vibrate on a slightly different wavelength. Simulating the tear-inducing death scene of Wrath of Khan is deceptive to throw you in the direction of “OMG they’re gonna kill Spock again” from a villian who seems a lot like Khan. But it seems more likely it is Kirk who will make the sacrifice, not fearing death, and die. It’s more shocking this time around than doing it to Spock AGAIN.
    Besides, not many liked how Shatner’s Kirk died in ‘Generations’. This would allow the character to die, well- mo’ better lol. (F*@k Sauron!!!!) and besides- you can always have Spock bring back Kirk in the third movie.
    OR- perhaps this scene is a snippet of Nimoy’s Spock flashback/re-telling of story to Quinto’s Spock and Pine’s Kirk based on Cumberbatchs’ villian who reminded him of what Khan had done, resulting in his death. Who knows. We can spin this a number of ways. Time travel’s a b$tch, people.

    • Mike Headley says:

      I think this is very important to remember. The moment Nero came back, the timeline changed. The Federation was exposed to a threat and that would have changed their actions and motivations from then on out. The futures of the crew on the destroyed U.S.S. Kelvin–wiped out. How many never got the chance to accomplish something great? What relationships never happened? What incidents never occurred? To look at it from the other side, what opportunities were created because of it? This is the Butterfly Effect on a grand scale. The closer to the event the actors are, the more they are likely to change.

      I would imagine the Federation leaned away from exploration and focused more on military than the timeline we already have experienced. They need to be prepared to face the harshness of space. The face of the Federation, while familiar, had twenty-something years to change before the gang gets together. The experiences in TOS that are external of the Federation and the things it influences are likely not touched in the new timeline. The Doomsday machine, Borg destruction of the El-Aurien planet, etc. However, as we know, many things related to the Enterprise changed, like how the characters meet.

      One change from the original timeline is the date Kirk goes into the
      Academy. He is five years later and likely doesn’t meet Gary Mitchell
      so Mitchell’s timeline changes. Now it appears that we might be seeing
      him in Into Darkness. He already had high esper abilites. That might
      lead to the reason he has the gun as seen in the trailer: he’s developing
      psionic abilities but not yet to the extent of those seen in TOS.

      As for Khan–without the Enterprise on this timeline’s experiences, perhaps some other ship came across the S.S. Bottany Bay and freed them from suspended animation, only to be successfully hijacked. Now the superman has unfettered access to the galaxy. Maybe he now leads a rogue group of Klingons or Romulans. I could see this as a minor B-story setting the stage for the third movie. Or we might see in some random scene the Botany Bay used as target practice and destroyed by some bored Klingons.

      I think part of the fun of this new timeline is seeing familiar
      characters put into situations where they grow in different ways, namely
      the Spock/Uhura relationship and Vulcans looking for a new home. Who is
      to say that we don’t see Khan in a different situation? If a science
      ship finds him and somehow intrigues him with their research, maybe he
      ends up making a difference with a big scientific discovery. Wouldn’t it
      be a trip seeing Khan end up helping the Enterprise defeat Mitchell and be a hero?

      Somewhere between the chances of it being Khan and Mitchell is Garth of Izar. He doesn’t get banished until 2269 in the original timeline, but his insanity could be shifted a little and get could have been sent to the asylum early, only to escape. Or maybe he never has his accident and never goes crazy. Last time I checked, we still don’t have a character assigned to Peter Weller. It is supposed to be a human with his own ship. Along the same lines as Khan above, might we see Garth as a good guy?

      To contrast the antagonists being re-dreamed as heroes, what if a loved Enterprise crew member has a fall from grace? The likeliest of these is Spock, since we’ve already seen him surrender to his emotions with Uhura. The torment of losing his homeworld and perhaps some struggles for them finding a new home cause him to fall off the deep end, setting up J.J. Abrams’ final act.

      Anyway, I wrote way more than I expected to when I sat down. I think there is probably some misdirection, hints-by-omission and general sneakiness going on in that trailer. I expect many surprises, and having not one but two or more classic TOS characters show up would not astonish me one bit.

  9. Goody Weaver says:

    Lifelong trekkie here, and I don’t think that the comment at the end is solid proof of anything. Could be Khan, could just as easily not be. I hope not, not because it would be a rehashing of the OS, but because I think it would be ludicrous for an ethnic character to suddenly become a pale white guy – that doesn’t fit with the NEW story, regardless of the new timeline. I’d probably be fine with a new Khan story if they didn’t try to totally rewrite the character as magically white. And I suspect that the writers wouldn’t be so…silly. But who knows? Crazier things have happened. Keeping my fingers crossed for this one.

  10. bhak says:

    Don’t really think it is Khan and if it is it is a very different version of him.. I’m excited as it seems fresh (if not overtly Trek like)

  11. John says:

    Dig this bit of info.

    Colonel Phillip Green is a villain from the Star Trek universe. He is introduced in the Original Series episode “The Savage Curtain.” Green first was portrayed by Phillip Pine and then later by Steve Rankin.In the 2260s, Captain James T. Kirk and Spock find themselves battling duplicates of several of the most evil and brutal dictators from throughout time and space. Among these individuals is Colonel Green, who is said to have led a genocidal war on Earth in the mid-21st century and whose actions led to the deaths of millions of people. No further details about this war are given, although the Green re-creation expresses the original’s ideas about the rules of warfare (he is reluctant to negotiate with anyone, except where it might personally benefit him). Also, Kirk and Spock point out that Green was fond of turning against his own allies whenever it suited him, and that he tended to strike at his enemies in the midst of conducting treaty negotiations.

    The Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Terra Prime” confirms a popular fanon speculation: the war Green was involved with was World War III. Green was a leader of a major faction during the war; the group’s actions directly led to 37 million deaths. After the war, Green killed hundreds of thousands of victims of radiation poisoning in order to prevent their future mutant offspring from contaminating the human genome. (“Demons”) Despite Green’s claims that the operation was “humanitarian,” this eugenicist action was labeled as genocidal by future historians. Green’s ultimate fate still remains unknown.

    Green’s first name is revealed on a computer readout screen in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “In a Mirror, Darkly.”

  12. It’s not Khan because he has no reason to seek wrath. That could be any character at the end of that scene and just because it’s paying homage to a previous Trek film doesn’t automatically make it a reboot. If people can’t trust Abrams to deliver a quality film that will exceed our expectations by now than they should just stop watching his movies. It’ll be great.

  13. jon says:

    you are playing up an angle you know to be flimsy in order to receive pageviews. and it’s working. congrats (you’re a hack writer though)

  14. Kaladin says:

    Sadly, my first thought for the villain is SYBOK, Spock’s half brother (which disappointed me). The narrator says “”Is there anything you would not do… for your family?” right before they show the two hands touching on both sides of the glass. One is clearly Spock. The other has a black sleeve… which I took to be our new villain (He is shown earlier sitting in a chair on a bridge wearing a black uniform). It never occurred to me that could be Spock’s “death scene” until I read the above article. I don’t think that scene means anything though guys. It was put there to spark debate, NO DOUBT. And why was it only in the Japanese trailer? No… it’s to spark interest and get us fanboys going. It DOES NOT prove who the villain is.

  15. trekman says:

    HA HA HA! Original and new stories, SURE. This is gonna be screwed up, just like the first one, great cast, great sets and effects plagued by a bogus script and lack of appreciation of what came before. It was all about cashing in with a Star Trek movie aimed non-Star trek fans, or those who had previously been indifferent to the series. But hey kids its gonna be fine, remember this is an alternate timeline so we don’t need to worry about the last movie or any “comic book” mythology. That reminds me of maybe my favorite line from JJA lovers about this hot mess reboot crap…”But but but….don’t you understand its an alternate time line”…..what a joke. Hey stop worrying Abrams fans maybe this one is an alternate time line too….lol. You know if people want new and original why not write something NEW and ORIGINAL? Whats that? No ideas…..oh….you’re just gonna do a second rate re-packaging of the old and established. So sad JJ “Walker” Abrams should have left Star Trek to Star Trek people and pissed on some other lees know series. LOL…maybe a SPACE 1999 reboot….

  16. I would rather see a redo of “where No Man Has Gone Before” rather than a redo of “Wrath of Khan”.

  17. Er.. keep in mind in the original Wrath of Khan Spock’s death ended up spoiled in the middle of production due to test audiences talking about it… Thats why theres the training simulator scene at the beginning of the film…. As for the villain, I think Gary Mitchell or Khan are likely, and the reason that Abrams is being very tight lipped about it being Khan (if it is Khan) is specifically to have people NOT go in expecting it to be Wrath of Khan… All I see is him putting his hand on the glass, While its a possibility, I really, REALLY dont think JJ Abrams is the kind of idiot to just simply rehash Spock’s death scene, You cant take something completely out of context… It could be for instance, the original timeline say bleeding through into Kirk’s head and showing him what happened to Spock or something along those lines…

  18. HarrisonFordsCheerfulBrother says:

    Here’s another weak theory … Alice Eve doesn’t appear to just be screaming randomly. I think she’s screaming “Khan”, but it cuts off before she finishes the name. I could just be hearing things.

  19. S. Flavio Espinoza says:

    Frankly, I hope it is Kahn.

    I loved Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes, and in Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy — he has that veiled sadistic quality underneath his British charm. A guy you like, but something about him creeps you out — like Dexter.

    Also, the Eugenic Wars portrayed in Apocrypha are more covert, so they fall in line with our history. It is also plausible that agents like Gary Steven’s and Crewman Daniels altered time, and are still altering time to save humanity from destroying itself, or to save Vulcan from destruction. Can you imagine the knowledge, invention and philosophy that was lost when one of the most logical and intelligent species was decimated? From a simple strategic standpoint it would be a key part of the Temporal Cold War.

    Furthermore, why is Ricardo Montalban’s Kahn so sacred? Not utilizing the best Villan in Star Trek lore is akin to not using General Zod in the Man of Steel, or Lex Luthor in the sequel. When I saw that ship rising from the water I thought, ‘What in ingenious place to hide a space ship.’ It’s air tight, and has internal life support. What if it’s the SS Botany Bay? Given present day connection it would be much easier to hide an advanced spacecraft under water than in space. With all the camera’s out there, even in the 90’s someone would have caught the launch. I’m not convinced it is the Botany Bay given you can see the beginnings of an NCC-number on the nacelle, but I like the idea of it. I think it is most likely the USS Reliant, i.e. the ship that Kahn commandeer in the original timeline.

    And who is to say it is Spock who dies? What if the hand closest to the camera is Kirks? What if the camera shot is from inside the reactor core room looking out? What if in this timeline, Kirk saves the Enterprise, i.e. his family, because of Cumberbatch’s line, “Is there anything you would not do, for your family?” I think this is about Kahn’s Eugenics brethren as well as Kirk’s crew. Also, notice the hand closest to the camera is on the glass first, as if his hand is making the gesture of good bye. Also, the current Kirk took command of the Enterprise a full 6 years before the original Kirk, and he never new his father. We also don’t know the realtionship he had with his brother George Samuel Kirk or his uncle. In essence Starfleet, and the Enterprise are the only family Kirk has ever really connected with.

    The infinite possibilities of Kirk’s altered life’s trajectory coupled with destiny could easily cause him and Kahn to cross paths earlier than the original timeline. That’s the beauty of time manipulation.

    For me the biggest clue, against the Villain being Gary Mitchell is the aforementioned “Family” line and the line, “For, I have returned to have my Vengeance.” Also, why would a God like human such as Mitchell need to hold a weapon? And, where are the cool silver eyes?

    Gary Michel didn’t return from anywhere to seek vengeance in the original timeline. His accident did not occur until 2265 when he was a helmsman abord the Enterprise. Mitchell and Kirk met when a then-lieutenant Kirk was serving as an instructor and Mitchell was a first-year Cadet. Kirk was never a Lieutenant in this timeline. He went from Cadet to Captain. Hence, he has never met Mitchell, they were never friends and they never entered the Galactic Barrier in 2265 where Mitchell gained his powers.

    From a fan’s perspective the biggest clue against Mitchell is, “Who the FRAK cares about Gary Mitchell!” I don’t, do you? Even if you are against the villain being Kahn, it is most likely because you don’t want J.J. Abrams to mess up the character, correct?

    Kahn is, without exception, my favorite villain of all time — sci-fi or otherwise. I almost want him to win — I care about his background, and empathize with his struggle — almost to a point of admiration. I wonder why he is so evil when he could do so much good. I forgot about Gary Mitchell, and I don’t care about some BS God like human. I want a superhuman, that we normal humans made. A sin against ourselves that we perpetrated by creating a man whose sole purpose is the eradication of his predecessor. It’s a beautifully horrifying prophecy and worthy of discussion. I would hate it if Kahn was not part of this timeline. It would disrespect the character and Montalban, as if they were somehow less valuable than some obscure character that no one remembers.

    Frankly, Mitchell is boring.

    “You can rob me, you can starve me…and you can beat me and you can kill me. Just don’t bore me.”
    — Gunnery Sgt. Tom Highway, Heartbreak Ridge

  20. Stu says:

    The whole point of the Abrams Star Trek Re-Boot storyline was to create a new and alternate timeline where they have the building blocks of the original but aren’t chained down to rehash all the same stories with a new coat of paint and CG!

    It’s ok that in the new films things are changed up and different…

    Did people just not “get that part” from the first film?

    Seemed pretty obvious to me…just sayin’ 😉

  21. Lolly says:

    .47 – Cumberbatch is wearing a Star Fleet uniform. Did Khan get a bit chilly along the way?

  22. You know, everyone, we could just wait for the movie and see. Just a thought.

  23. Aj Nolley says:

    I’m probably too late to this party to undo the damage. But can we all agree on one thing? Whatever villain it ends up being, it is unlikely to be Madeline Kahn. It is more likely to be Khan Noonian Singh. I am not normally a spelling nazi, but spelling it one way makes me think of Young Frankenstein, and the other way, a villain in Star Trek.

  24. Ruben Trevino says:


  25. Russ Nolan says:

    The trailer looks awesome but it remind me of Star Wars The Old Republic

  26. Adam Lamas says:

    I thought Kahn was south asian?

  27. DarkSummoner says:

    ok… interesting theory, except if you watch the trailer & really look at the screen cap, the allusion is made that it is Kirk, not Spock, who is making the sacrifice. Spock appears to be upright on bended knee while Kirk’s arm is slanted, as if he is laying on the floor, or on his side. Secondly, in the Paramount press release for the film’s synopsis, it says that the threat comes from WITHIN Starfleet… this would nullify the Khan theory. ..

    However, it’s also possible that the mysterious planet in the trailer is Sycorax… home of the colony of Augments that the Klingons (who do appear in the film) tried to convince to join their empire. This could lend credence to the Khan theory….

    We’ll know in May…

    Live long and prosper

  28. the ship coming out of the water “MIGHT” be the enterprise it has the NCC-17 but after that it’s hard to tell..consider the fact that Alice Eve is a dead ringer for Dr.Elizabeth Dehner ..especially the hairstyle she is sporting and it could be in fact the villain be Mitchell 2. its not Khan because when he faces Kirk he is wearing (possibly) an old starfleet uniform ..and considering this is an “alternative” timeline that got screw up because of Nero a lot of stuff got throw out the window from “canon”..the other ship is crash landing in the water because someone shot it out of the sky given that one of the warp nacelles was badly damage(i downloaded it and rewind it and forward in Quicktime) so that scene is probably early in the film. the sypnosis says that Starfleet is attack from within and we know Khan isn’t/wasn’t starfleet. im a trekkie, im not ashamed to admit it but there are some people that are taking this trailer and everything we’ve (or lack thereof) heard of out of porportion. I bet my $$ on either Mitchell OR Garth of Ithar(?) another question why in the hell is The Enterprise(?) coming out of the water?

  29. Al Pa says:

    Its human cloning and military application to shift the human genome at this point, they have to they lost thier strongest allie, planet vulcan, aka their logical/moral brain now thier running wild and dangerous as humans do :/
    or can atleast… probly could result in a interesting revival of khan as a hero or atleast working with the main villain. I think its gona be khan but without him trying to do anything vengeful… could acutalyy involve the genesis project to try to restore vulcan or time travel to prevent its destructio nthough :/
    they really are screwed without it… they may even allie with the romulans since they have a shared point of view now, the loss of the vulcans hurts them both… vulcan was as close to loved as anything the romulans ever offered another species since they were basicly cousins :/

  30. Deggsy says:

    It’s obviously Doctor Sevrin and the Space Hippies from The Way to Eden. The phantoms who appeared in my bedroom after I ate those mushrooms I found growing in my cellar.

  31. john says:

    Didn’t Peter Weller’s agent slip up and say that Weller was playing Gary Mitchell?

  32. JRS says:

    Don’t care. Not gonna watch it.

  33. Rene Vezina says:

    Here’s a way long shot, maybe Q is ticked off his favorite time line is broken.

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  35. Two hands pressed against a pane of glass doesn’t mean squat and trying to assert that “it has to be this because of that” is the product of a person who has already made up their mind, nothing more.

  36. Oliver Crisp says:

    JJ would need to re-write the Khan plot anyway. The original had Khan as a dictator in the 1990’s which would’ve been a possible future when Space Seed was first broadcast.Besides the fact that they’ve now named him means he’ll probably refer to himself as a reincarnation of Khan rather than it be his name!

  37. DisappointedinHollywood says:

    Hollywood hasn’t had an original idea in the past 10 years. Why start now? Simply a remake, rehash, redistribution of the same old same old. The only original science fiction seems to be from Britain and Canada. Why not, we’ve lost math and science in the US, why not add thinking as a whole.

  38. Shatner's toupee says:

    You are all wrong……the obvious villan is Harry Mudd……I mean really!…The guy looks just like him!

  39. From what I heard Benedict Cumberbatch’s character is working with Khan, and may be an augment. Alice Eve plays Dr. Carol Marcus.

  40. Moodie-1 says:

    If Cumberbatch was playing Gary Mitchell then the entire movie would have to be a remake of ‘WNMHGB’. No way could it be a prequel or sequel. This might turn out to be pretty interesting to watch. But the (much) better option would be him playing Garth. Think of it… a much renowned Starfleet captain with many notable achievements to his credit suddenly and mysteriously going “around the bend” and turning to the dark side. Why? What caused it? This would make for a very entertaining movie! An added plus is that he’d be playing another character introduced in the original series. But if JJ has done what I suspect (having Cumberbatch play Khan) then he’s effectively just destroyed whatever Star Trek credibility he’s amassed (and also pretty much destroyed his career, too). I’m a long-time Trekker and I liked his first movie (all except for that way-too-modern glass bridge!) but if I see Khan in STID that’ll be it for my interest in any JJ Abrams movies in the future. And I’m sure there’s a helluva lot of other ST fans out there who’d agree with me!