Highlander Remake Casts Ryan Reynolds In The Lead Role

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We’ve known that a Highlander remake was in the works for at least a year now, and as of a month or so ago the rumored top contender for the lead was Ryan Reynolds. Well, now it’s official: The Tracking Board is reporting that negotiations have concluded and that Reynolds play the immortal “Conner McLeod,” a Scottish highlander who has survived through the centuries and now fights with other immortals to claim the Prize of mortality. (The “Conner” spelling is taken from the Tracking Board’s story; he was named “Connor” in the original film. It’s not clear if this is a typo or if they’ve changed the spelling for some reason.)

The film will be directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, who previously helmed the 28 Weeks Later sequel. He’s also said to be in negotiations to rewrite the script. The Highlander remake script has been through several writers so far, including Matt Holloway (Punisher: War Zone), and Melissa Rosenberg (the last several Twilight movies). Rosenberg’s Twilight connection is enough to make an old Highlander¬†fan’s hair stand on end, but hopefully the rewrites will get it into fighting shape. From the sound of things, it seems as if they’re sticking pretty closely to the premise of the first film. Which, given how the various Highlander sequels turned out, can only be a good thing.

As for the idea of remaking Highlander in the first place…honestly, I’m having a hard time working up any ire about this one. While I still love the original film, and this reboot is just as pointless as most of the others infecting Hollywood these days, it’s not like the property has been in good shape before this. The franchise dove headfirst down the toilet with Highlander II: The Quickening, then somehow found a way to dig even deeper with the sequels that followed. If they can find a way to reinvigorate the concept, I say more power to them.

The biggest question mark, honestly, is Ryan Reynolds. While I’m not on the hating bandwagon when it comes to the guy, his track record isn’t the best. I thought he did fine in Green Lantern despite working from a crummy script, and he was genuinely good in the one-man horror flick Buried. Sure, he isn’t Scottish, but I’m betting at the very least he can pull off a more convincing Scottish accent than original Highlander Christopher Lambert…


  1. gospyro says:

    WHY??? With so many new, good and fun ideas out there, does Hollywood have to continually do nothing but make ‘remakes’. The first movie was great, the rest sucked worse and worse and worse. The TV series started out strong, then slowly turned to trash. We don’t need a ‘re-boot’… we need some NEW ideas and stories!! But I guess that’s just too big of a chance to take for the tightwad executives in Hollywood to even consider.

    • SPET67 says:

      I’m not sure how you continue the series without a reboot. Connor died in HL4 & there’s just no coming back from “The source” aka the worst piece of crap ever put on film.

  2. warrior01 says:

    shame on you, he was the most convincing Scotsman I have ever heard, you Spanish peacock. lol

  3. Manny the Trucker says:

    Two equally important questions:
    1) Who will pay the Kurgan? Clancy Brown owned that role, physically as well as vocally, and I can’t think of any actors right now who could o the part justice. Gerard Butler, maybe.

    2) Who plays Ramirez? Connery practically carried his scenes, and he was the only thing that raised “The Quckening” to the level of sh*t. Ian McKellen, maybe, or Michael Fassbinder if he were about 20 years older

    • Andrew Reese says:

      They don’t even need to use those characters. Although the mentor/Ramirez is important. He doesn’t necessarily need to be a much older actor. They don’t age….remember?

      The interesting thing that the tv show brought out is that you can create a large and interesting universe for these characters. I hope they don’t necessarily end it with Connor becoming the last immortal.

  4. Dampiel says:

    Would some one please kill Ryan Reynolds so he’d stop getting these roles.

  5. Kyle Burley says:

    i would rather see colin ferrell than ryan reynolds, or least adrain paul from the tv series in the lead role. the fact that one of the writers from the twilight movies is on this project makes me think this is going to suck bigtime.

  6. Terri Hurt says:

    I think they should have picked someone else. There are a lot of great Scottish actors out there.

  7. SPET67 says:

    I just don’t see Ryan Reynolds as being gritty enough to pull this off. I just can’t look at his face and see a guy who could cut someone’s head off.

  8. jpog says:

    Another movie I won’t be seeing. They screwed up the original with sequels, and now they are going to screw it up some more with a remake.