Not Too Old to Have Fun: Best Lego Sets For Adults

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More and more adults are buying Lego for themselves and having an awesome time building it. That is why today we are looking at some of the best Lego sets for adults. Lego has made some truly fantastic sets over the last few years, sets that contain, hundreds if not thousands of pieces and sets that are so cool that you will have a fantastic time building them. I was lucky enough to get to try out three of the larger, more adult oriented Lego sets recently and I wanted to share with you what my thoughts on each one were. Let me tell you, building Lego as an adult is a very calming and kind of therapeutic experience!


LEGO Architecture 21019 The Eiffel Tower Review

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We are starting this off with the smallest of the three sets that I was sent. This Lego Eiffel Tower is always on the best Lego sets for adults lists you see online. It is available for a great price and as there is only 321 pieces to this set, it is not going to put you over the edge and Hulk smash it all off the table while you build it. I honestly had no trouble building this at all. The instructions made it very, very easy to build and also there was all this cool information about the actual Eiffel Tower which I thought was pretty interesting. The recommended age on the box is 12 and up and as this is part of the Lego Architecture line it is aimed at adults.

Once built this looks really cool. It has an almost metal kind of look to it and some people do say that it has a somewhat steam punk kind of vibe and I think I would agree with that. I know that there are some people who love the design of the Eiffel Tower and I can assure you that this will look really awesome sitting on your desk or on a shelf. One thing that I feel is worth mentioning is that at first glance it does not really look like it is made of Lego. It looks more like a little metal statute. Another good point about this Lego set is that it does not take up a ton of space either. If you have not built Lego since you were a kid and want an easy and affordable way to get back in, then this is it.

Is very affordable
Does not take up a lot of space
Has a smart metallic look
Is easy to put together

Pretty basic compared to other adult sets
Eiffel Tower might not be cool to everyone


LEGO Creator Expert Ferrari F40 Kit Review

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When the Lego Creator Expert Ferrari F40 Kit arrived at my house it was bittersweet as I realized this is as close to a Ferrari F40 as I will ever get. I would have to say this is one of the best Lego sets for adults in the mid-price range. There are over 1000 pieces of Lego in this set so it is quite the challenge. The Lego Creator line is aimed at people who do want that extra bit of challenge with their Lego. I think the payoff for this though is a Lego structure that truly does look awesome. The instructions are great which is a good thing as there is a lot to this. You will be building the interior of the car as well as the outer shell. This means the engine and all the little details have to be built as well.

It did take me a little while to build, but it was a lot of fun. Once I had finished I was blown away by how good this looked. Again like the Eiffel Tower, it does not look like it is made from Lego at first glance. It has a really smooth and shiny look to it and I am sure there are some exclusive or at the very least rare Lego blocks that make this car up. The Ferrari logo on it is just the icing on the cake and something that really does make this look cool when you sit it somewhere in your house. Again let me say this was quite the challenge to build, but it was a fun challenge and one that any car lover or Ferrari enthusiast will really enjoy.

Closest you will ever get to a real F40!
Really does look fantastic
Perfect for a car enthusiast
Is fun to build

Realizing it is the closest you will ever get to a real F40
Can cost close to a hundred bucks


LEGO Creator 10232 Palace Cinema

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Wow, where to start with the LEGO Creator 10232 Palace Cinema? Ok, this is the largest and most expensive set on this list, but when I say expensive it is not super expensive like a couple hundred bucks so do not worry about that. This is aimed at expert Lego builders….. it literally says that on the box. This set is regarded as one of the very best Lego sets for adults. It contains over 2000 Lego pieces and there is a fair bit of skill required to build it. I would say that this is the perfect Lego set for those who want a Lego set that is something they can work on for a little bit at a time for a week or just dedicate a whole weekend too. You are going to have a great time with this, just know that this sucker is huge so make sure you have a good space for it.

Once built I, was blown away. This is an actual cinema! It has a full marquee and inside it, there is a screen and seats for the included Lego mini figures. It just looks so cool. I think it is based on the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Speaking of Hollywood this set comes with its very own Hollywood Star walk of fame which is really cool. Plus it comes with a limo to take the A-list stars to the premier. I really could not believe how awesome this looked. Once you take a close look at it and see all the little details. It just blows you away even more.

Looks incredible
Has lots of little details
Comes with 6 Lego mini figures
Is a very good and fun challenge to build

Takes up a lot of space
Can cost over 100 bucks


Things To Know About Buying A Lego Set For Adults

Here are a few of the things that I think you should think about before buying a Lego set for yourself or for someone else as a gift.

Look At The Pieces: I cannot stress this enough! The more pieces the harder the set will be to build and the longer it will take. If you see a Lego set that has a couple thousand pieces to it. Then you should expect that it is going to take you many, many hours to put that together.

Get Something You Are Into: Lego makes pretty much anything you can think of. If the things I have reviewed up above are a bit boring for you. Then look for something from their Marvel Superhero range, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Lord Of The Rings, The Simpsons and much more! There really is a Lego set out there for everyone. If you want to see if Lego is for you then getting a set based on something that you are into is the way to go.

Lego Is More Affordable Than You Think: Lego has a reputation of being something that is very expensive. True there are some sets that can cost a few hundred bucks (Star Wars: Death Star for example) but there are also some great Lego sets for adults that can cost in the 20- 50 bucks range.


What Is The Best Lego Set For Adults?

It is kind of hard to pick one out of these three sets as all three are so different. For me personally, though I would have to say I had the most fun with the Ferrari F40. Not only does it look just ice cool. It was a lot of fun to build and provided me with a challenge that was quite hard, but also fair and not too time-consuming. Also, it does not take up a ton of space on the shelf either. The Theater is really cool, but it just takes up a ton of space and I really do not want to tear it apart after spending too much time building it. In all honesty, all three of these are great and are well worth a spot on any best Lego set for adults list.


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