Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert Battle Over Who Is The Bigger Star Wars Fan

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I’ve always thought that the best way to promote a charity is to use comedians, and I don’t understand how Comic Relief isn’t currently the most mainstream it’s ever been. In any case, a Star Wars charity is a little different, as its focus is a little more specific than “comedy,” but that doesn’t mean The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report‘s Stephen Colbert don’t know how to raise awareness. Honestly, if Jon Stewart dressed up as Star Wars characters to promote a charity that made people poor and sick, instead of helping them, I’d probably still contribute a few bucks.

The satirical talk show hosts are promoting Omaze’s Star Wars: Force for Change, an initiative from Disney and Lucasfilm to raise money and awareness for UNICEF’s Innovation Labs. The Innovation Labs work with children all over the world, leading them to a brighter and more intelligent future in the world of science and technology. These are the people who will one day make the discoveries that save future generations. That’s the most important part, of course, but the main draw here is a little different.