Steven Spielberg Has A Crazy Theory About UFOs That Would Be Perfect For His Next Movie

Steven Spielberg thinks the current onslaught of UFO sightings might be humans from the future visiting the past.

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

Steven Spielberg

Recently, a crazy amount of UFOs have been identified in the sky, and those without top government clearance have not been given much information regarding what these flying objects really are. Naturally, many people have been developing theories around what these floating balloons and other flying objects the government has been shooting down actually are, and, according to Indie Wire, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial director Steven Spielberg has some ideas of his own regarding what they could be. 

On what was marketed as Steven Spielberg’s first-ever late-night interview, Spielberg joined Steven Colbert on The Late Show, where the pair dove deep into a discussion about Spielberg’s career and then, naturally, into theories about alien lifeforms. During the interview, the Close Encounters of the Third Kind director admitted that he has never seen a UFO or even anything else that he can’t explain. However, despite not having proof, the director believes that it is “mathematically impossible” that humans are the only intelligent life in the entire universe. 

Additionally, despite believing that aliens exist, Steven Spielberg highly doubts that anyone from space has visited Earth. However, just because the War of the Worlds director doesn’t think that beings from 400 light-years away have visited us doesn’t mean he doesn’t have an out-of-this-world explanation for the recent UFO sightings. In fact, Spielberg’s UFO theory is just as fitting as aliens would be for the next big science fiction blockbuster.

Steven Spielberg doesn’t think that these UFO sightings are aliens, but rather humans from 500,000 years in the future. Spielberg’s theory suggests that these objects that people are seeing in the sky could be anthropologists from way in the future who are coming back to observe and record history, perhaps because something that we don’t know is going to happen is about to happen.

When Steven Spielberg shared his theory, Stephen Colbert pointed out one pessimistic flaw: if humans are visiting the 21st century from half a million years in the future, that means that humans must have survived half a million years into the future, which the talk show host thinks would be unlikely. To counter Colbert’s argument, Spielberg says that yes, he does believe humans will survive that long. At least a percentage of humans will, anyway.

While there is currently no way to prove whether or not Steven Spielberg’s time travel theory is correct, it would make for an interesting premise for a movie. And, seeing how Spielberg already has a great track record for science fiction films (see Ready Player One, Jurassic Park, Minority Report, or any of the other awesome Spielberg sci-fi flicks), The Fabelmans director would be the perfect one to headline the project. 

Steven Spielberg is currently up for an Oscar for the 1950s period drama The Fabelmans, which is loosely based on Spielberg’s childhood and how he first discovered his love of film. The drama has been nominated for seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Actress, and Best Original Score.