Paul McGann On A Five(ish) Doctors Sequel And A Female Doctor

McGannAs much as we loved The Day of the Doctor, one of our favorite parts of the whole Doctor Who 50th anniversary hooplah was The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot. The half-hour short film starred former Doctors Peter Davison, Paul McGann, Colin Baker, and Sylvester McCoy playing fictionalized versions of themselves as they attempted to scheme and sneak their way into the anniversary special. It was a great riff on the fan resentment that so many of the living Doctor actors weren’t invited to participate in Day of the Doctor, and it was pretty damn hilarious to boot. Well, it sounds like we won’t have to wait another 50 years to see the five(ish) Doctors reunited, as McGann has revealed that a sequel is in the works.

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Paul McGann Doesn’t Expect Another Return To Doctor Who

McGannOne of the best parts of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary celebrations last year was the unexpected return of a Doctor few expected ever to see on their TV screens again. The Night of the Doctor minisode not only gave fans something they’d been clamoring to see — the Eighth Doctor’s regeneration — but it set up the Day of the Doctor special and gave actor Paul McGann one more chance to step into the time lord’s shoes. But as well received as McGann’s surprise return was, he’s not holding out hope that he’ll ever return to the role again.

In an interview with Doctor Who Magazine, McGann is honest and pragmatic about the fact that, while he enjoyed getting to play the Doctor again, it was the first time anyone from Doctor Who had invited him back to be a part of the show, and he doesn’t expect that to change going forward. McGann says:

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